WTF, Virginia?

Longtime Virginia politics blogger Lowell Feld, editor of Blue Virginia, joins us to talk about all the crazy politics coming out of the state of Virginia this week.

Our discussion includes the likely imminent resignation of Democratic Governor Ralph Northam in the face of a racism scandal, allegations of sexual assault against the Democratic Lt. Governor (who would take Northam’s place, should Northam resign), nationwide GOP furor over pro-choice legislation in the state (that’s starting to scare Democrats who previously supported the bill), and the ERA, which could be on the verge of passing in the state (though Lowell doesn’t think so). Lowell also talks to use about Virginia slowing having changed from a red state to a blue state. Lots to discuss.

his is an 11-minute excerpt of the 91-minute episode. To hear the entire interview, and support our show, please become a patron over at Patreon.

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