Cheri Jacobus’ 1st-hand account of a woman attacked by Trump

Cheri Jacobus went from being wooed by the Trump exploratory committee for the job of communications director, to being excoriated by Trump on social media, and ditched by Fox News and others, after she went public early on with her concerns about a possible Trump presidency. Cheri is a lesson in what happens when a now-former Republican has the gumption to speak up and say “no.” Her emails were even hacked, and her hacking is now part of the Mueller probe!

In today’s episode, we talk about what Cheri went through with Donald Trump, and also about whether the GOP can be saved (Cheri says no), and whether the best way to defeat Trumpism is to impeach Trump (Cheri says yes).

Afterwards, Cliff and I also discuss Tea Partyer Candace Owen’s odd defense of Hitler (spoiler alert: Hitler would NOT be “fine” had he just kept his murderous reign to inside Germany’s borders). We talk about the Green New Deal. And finally, about all the new really-great presidential candidates who have declared, like Warner, Harris, Klobuchar and even Pete Buttigieg, who was so impressive we’re going to have him on the show in the coming weeks (we’re also in the process of inviting the other candidates).

That’s it, I think. Enjoy.

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