Rosie O’Donnell on Trump, Kavanaugh, the Apprentice tapes, Mueller, leaving The View, growing up gay, and the elections

Cliff and I had a great conversation with Rosie O’Donnell about a whole slew of subjects, including the origins of her long-running feud with Donald Trump (“he’s a carnival barker”), Russia (“I knew from day one he cheated”), Brett Kavanaugh (“We’ve already been through this fight to get the right to decide what happens to our bodies, this is not Gilead and he is not the king”), Mark Burnett’s Apprentice tapes of Trump’s profanity (“he’s holding Satan’s videotapes”), Robert Mueller (“I love him, I look at him and think there’s Captain America, he’s going to save America”), the media’s complicity in creating Trump, Rudy Giuliani (“he’s like your drunk uncle at the Knights of Columbus hall”), her heart attack, why she left “The View,” and what is was like growing up gay. It was a FUN and fascinating conversation. Enjoy.

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And for those who prefer not dealing with Soundcloud, here’s the same podcast in YouTube format:

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