Sarah Huckabee Snowflake

CNN’s Jim Acosta had an incredible back and forth with White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders this week, in which Acosta tried to get Sanders to say that she doesn’t agree with Trump that the media is “the enemy of the people.” Sanders not only refused, but then read a long list of grievances she has with the media, most of which — such as the preposterous claim that “the media” called for her to be strangled — were outright lies.

There’s a reason Sarah Huckabee Sanders gets a bad rap as Trump’s spokesperson, and that’s because she’s complicit. But you know who else is complicit, a number of reporters in that room who refused to come to Acosta’s defense, and even rolled their eyes at him.

In today’s episode of the UnPresidented Podcast, Cliff and I have a long discussion about the exchange, about Sarah Huckkabee Sanders’ never-ending victimhood, and the media’s far-too-often-complicity in the crimes of this administration.

Below is a 5-minute excerpt of the entire 60-minute podcast. To hear the entire episode, become a subscriber here.

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