Omarosa, railroading Keith Ellison, and Disney’s gay-for-pay controversy

Today’s big topic is Omarosa and her impact on the Mueller probe.

And while Cliff and I spend a good deal of time talking about just that, we also discussed the sexual assault accusations against Keith Ellison, and whether some on the left aren’t jumping a little too quickly to judgment before even seeing or hearing the evidence against Ellison.

Then we segue into a new controversy involving Disney’s first openly-gay character, and whether it’s okay for Disney to have hired a — wait for it — straight actor (Jack Whitehall) to play gay on the screen! Da, da, dum. For the record, I think it’s totally okay, and that led us into a lengthy discussion about whether the Internet isn’t turning us all into a bunch of victims whiny who are far too prone to cry wolf every time we get even the hint of a slight.

This is one of our longer episodes, to make up for last week’s skinniness, due to my hard-drive crash. Enjoy!

This is a 7-minute excerpt of the entire 77-minute podcast. To hear the entire episode, become a subscriber here:

(Omarosa image by Gage Skidmore.)

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