Anti-Trump protesters shout “LOCK HIM UP!” as Trump arrives at the White House

On day 7 of the never-ending nights of anti-Trump protests at the Kremlin Annex (formerly known as the White House), I was able to capture video of Donald Trump and Melania walking into the White House just as our protest group yelled “lock him up!”

The video is below.

We’ve been holding nightly vigils at the White House since Trump capitulated to Vladimir Putin during the Helsinki Summit. The protests were started by progressive activists Philippe Reines and Adam Parkhomenko. I joined them the first night, have been attending most nights shooting photos and videos, and have been helping plan the ongoing events.

I work for myself, and the evening hours I’m putting in at the protests and editing photos/video afterward are my own. No one is paying me, just as no one pays me to do my daytime writing, activism and agitating. If you like the work I’m doing, then please support progressive journalism and activism.

If you can chip in here to support my work, I’d appreciate it.

Here’s the video, it’s pretty great:

And here are a few of the most popular videos to date from the protests over the past week:

And what better to close with, than the national anthem:

If you can chip in here to support my work, I’d appreciate it.

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