Trump approval below Reagan’s and Obama’s

Donald Trump’s approval rating remains mired in the low 40s, far below where Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama were at this point in their presidencies.

In the latest Gallup poll, shared by historian Kevin Kruse on Twitter, Trump is at 41% approval versus Reagan’s 45% and Obama’s 47% at similar dates in their presidencies.

trump approval rating

But the numbers are even worse when you consider that Trump inherited a strong economy from President Obama. AsĀ David Frum noted, it’s a far different story than what Obama and Reagan had: “At the equivalent points in their presidencies, Obama was contending with the worst recession since the 1930s, and Reagan with the 2nd worst.”

In other words, Trump’s numbers are being helped by the strong economy that Obama gave him, while Reagan’s and Obama’s were hurt by the weak economies they inherited — yet the latter two presidents were still far more popular than Trump.

For anyone claiming otherwise, Kruse noted that you can’t compare apples and oranges — in other words, you can’t compare the numbers from different polling firms. Rather, you have to look at the same firm’s numbers over time. And Gallup, the firm he chose, was there polling all three presidents.

So the next time you see Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord, who was fired from CNN for tweeting a Nazi salute, quoting an Alt Right conspiracy Web site claiming that Trump is actually beating Reagan and Obama, now you know the truth.

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