Fox News’ Shep Smith blasts Trump’s North Korea summit: “Kim Jung-un got it all, for actually doing nothing”

Fox News’ Shep Smith blasted Donald Trump today for a North Korea summit that, Smith says, didn’t actually accomplish anything.

“Kim Jung-un got it all,” Smith told his viewers on Fox, “for actually doing nothing.”

Smith then went on to list Kim’s crimes, from jailing over 100,000 political prisoners, to torturing and murdering his own citizens, imprisoning children for the alleged crimes of their parents and grandparents, and committing crimes against humanity.

Smith is a frequent critic of Trump, not afraid to call out Dear Leader when the rest of the GOP, and Fox, establishment refuses to speak up and out. Still, calling Trump out to this degree on Trump’s big day is a big deal.

It’s going to be interesting to see over the coming days whether Trump’s lie — that something substantive actually occurred in Singapore, beyond the US unilaterally disarming in order to secure beachfront property in North Korea for a future Trump hotel — bests the truth. It often does.

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