My dog Sasha fell suddenly ill

My dog Sasha fell suddenly ill this week, and after 48 hours in the animal hospital has already racked up $3,386 in medical bills, with another $1,000 or so estimated for each additional night at the vet. I’ve set up a GoFundMe page, in case folks have the means to help me defray some of the unexpected costs.

Today, for the first time all week, Sasha showed some energy while I was visiting her, and even barked at a skateboarder! She’s still however not drinking or eating, and is being given water IV and food via a tube through her nose. Nonetheless, we’re hoping if she continues to improve that they’ll release her tomorrow (Friday). (But that will only happen is she starts eating on her own.)

By Friday, Sasha’s medical bills should be over $4,000. Thus, I’m asking folks for whatever help you can give us to help defray the costs of Sasha’s treatment.

It all started Monday morning when Sasha, a ten-pound Yorkie-Bichon mix I’ve had for 8 years now, refused to eat breakfast or drink any water. That afternoon I noticed she had thrown up, and then discovered that she had been throwing up all day. I called the vet, and rushed her to the animal hospital. The vet gave her some anti-nausea meds, ran a blood test and an ultrasound, and said it was likely duodenitis (a condition similar to pancreatitis, where your GI tract gets so irritated that it just shuts down). The vet said to take her home, try to feed her later, and come back the next day if she refused to eat and/or threw up again. Well, she refused to eat or drink, AND threw up all night. Tuesday, I admitted her to the animal hospital, where she remains.

Sasha is still not eating or drinking, and has been nauseous and listless all week with vomiting and diarrhea, but she finally perked up for the first time when I visited her today. That’s why I’m hopeful that maybe tomorrow she’ll be well enough to leave.

Her first visit, for the blood work and ultrasound before I took her home, was $354.  But on admitting her, the hospital took a $1,500 deposit to cover the estimated cost of $1,500 for one night and $3,000 for two. The estimate was pretty accurate, as we’re now up to $3,386 (including the first visit) as of Thursday afternoon. At the bottom of this page I’m including a copy of Sasha’s in-patient bills to date. If she gets released Friday, I’m expecting the total bill will be around $4,300. If they have to keep her until Saturday, then we’re looking at over $5,000.

Thus, I’m setting a goal of $4,500, taking into account the donation processing fees. If Sasha’s bills are lower, I’ll lower the goal (and/or donate any excess donations to Washington, DC’s “Humane Rescue Alliance” (the renamed Humane Society). And if her bills go higher, I’ll raise the goal accordingly.

Your donations will go 100% to paying for Sasha’s medical treatment for this illness.

Let me please thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer. It’s difficult to ask for help for something like this, and I never imagined the costs could be so high or add up so quickly. Sasha is my everything, so there was no real choice but to get her the help she needed. Nonetheless, I’m a bit shell-shocked by all of this. But at least she’s getting better, and that’s all that matters.

Thanks for all the morale support from my friends on Twitter, and thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer towards helping me pay Sasha’s bills.

Again, you can find the GoFundMe page here. Thanks again.

Washington, DC

Below are Sasha’s in-patient bills to date:

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