Fox News excoriates Trump (must-watch video)

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto just destroyed Donald Trump.

It was unbelievable television.

Cavuto, a reliably-conservative Fox host, went on for a good four-and-a-half minutes calling Trump (basically) a serial liar, and then accusing Trump of himself being “fake news” and “the swamp.”

Trump is going to explode when he sees this.

The video is below. But first, a few thoughts. I’m a bit blown away. This is unheard of from Fox, outside of occasional criticism from Shep Smith. But from Cavuto? This means that Fox-landia is worried, and that worry is now public, and trickling down to Fox’s viewership, via Fox itself. It’s one thing for the other networks to call Trump a liar and out of control, it’s another for it to come from Fox. A

And not only does this help spread the word that Trump is a mess, but it also makes it easier for other Republicans to speak up against Trump. If Fox News is doing it…

Seriously, watch this video and then share it.

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