Glenn Greenwald is incredibly hypocritical

In today’s premium episode of the UnPresidented Podcast, Cliff and I have a frank talk about the hypocrisy we find with Glenn Greenwald. Greenwald went after MSNBC host Joy Reid hard this week for some controversial decades-old blog posts that Joy says she didn’t even write, whereas Glenn’s old blog posts about the scourge of “illegal immigration” get a pass? We don’t think so.

You can listen to a 12-minute excerpt of this episode below, and the entire episode here.

Cliff and I discuss not only Glenn’s disturbing views on immigration circa 2005, but also more generally the nature of political sin: When should something you write be career-ending, and when should we look at the whole person, their whole record, and — God forbid — the “context” surrounding their alleged high crime.

We also have a short discussion at the end about medical marijuana, and John accidentally outs Chris Christie. (Oops.)

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