Trump’s hilarious denial of collusion with Russia

Trump’s disastrous New York Times interview is the topic of our latest UnPresidented Podcast episode, in part because the NYT got a lot of heat for — some say — letting Trump get away with a lot of lies.

But also because Trump was so unhinged, even for him, that it’s a fascinating, and scary, way to end the year with a look deep into the psyche of a madman.

A lot of the interview, interestingly, dealt with Russia, and Trump’s incessant denials of collusion (which is what this clip is devoted to). The man is clearly freaked out about the Russia probe, and he also hasn’t gotten over the election yet. Enjoy.

You can hear a funny snippet below, and the entire episode here with a $5/month subscription.

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6 Responses to “Trump’s hilarious denial of collusion with Russia”

  1. Duke Woolworth says:

    I don’t put collusion on my salad, either, though it could be improved with a little white pepper. No black pepper, please..

  2. Nick Ka says:

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  3. Badgerite says:

    Mad King Donald.

  4. Badgerite says:


  5. Pappy Morgan says:

    He isn’t crazy , he is dastardly.

  6. Gerald Parks says:

    In your gut you KNOW he is NUTS!
    Just how many more “interviews” do WE THE PEOPLE need to pretent to read and/or listen to just to. finally scream out loud what everybody on both side of the political spectrum know. …”THIS mother fucker is crazy!”
    AND he IS today’s GOP/Republican Party in a NUT shell …pun intended!

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