The Alt Right is trying to destroy Sam Seder

UPDATE: We won! MSNBC has rehired Sam Seder!


​Progressive icon and Majority Report host Sam Seder is under attack from the so-called “Alt Right.” Sam needs our help now.

Sign the petition at the bottom of this page, or via this link.

Far-right Republican “men’s rights activist” Mike Cernovich, with the help of Seb Gorka and Donald Trump Jr., are trying to destroy Sam. And they just might succeed, unless we stop them now. They’ve already gotten Sam fired from MSNBC, and now they’re trying to kill his podcast by going after his advertisers. ​

What was Sam’s sin? He criticized filmmaker Roman Polanski for being a pedophile who raped a 13-year-old girl. Yes, Sam took a public stand against the sexual assault of young girls, and now he’s paying with his career.

Cernovich, a well-known fake-conspiracy promoter, claimed falsely that Sam defended Polanski in a tweet Sam wrote ten years ago. In fact, Sam’s tweet did the opposite — he attacked those on the left who would forgive Polanski for raping a child, simply because Polanski “made good films.”

This isn’t the first time Cernovich has concocted a high-profile lie to advance his extreme political agenda. Cernovich was one of those behind the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory that falsely claimed Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of the basement of a Washington, DC pizza parlor. That absurd allegation inspired a man to hold the restaurant hostage at gun point.​

As thanks for taking an unpopular stand against sexual assault ten years ago, Sam just lost his job at MSNBC, and Cernovich and the Alt Right are now targeting Sam’s advertisers on his podcast.

Enough is enough. It is outrageous that MSNBC would believe a known liar like Cernovich over someone with a long progressive record of defending all of our fights, including the rights of women. Not only was MSNBC wrong to fire Sam, but now the Alt Right is using the MSNBC move to urge other advertisers to drop Sam as well. MSNBC has quite literally take a fringe kook like Cernovich and turned him into a weapon to attack good progressives like Sam. And once he’s done with Sam, he’ll attack everyone else leading our movement.

Please sign this petition to MSNBC President Phil Griffin, demanding that he rehire Sam Seder and apologize for the harm they’ve already caused Sam’s reputation.

PS Here are some of Mike Cernovich’s views on women. This is the man who MSNBC is taking advice from on sexual assault:


Please sign the petition, and share this with your friends. Thanks so much. JOHN

NB My latest podcast with Cliff Schecter talks at length about the attack on Sam. You can listen to it here — but sign the petition first!

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10 Responses to “The Alt Right is trying to destroy Sam Seder”

  1. Houndentenor says:

    The center and left (at least those in the media) bend over backwards to be fair to the right. Note that there is no desire in right wing media to do that. (In fact they too only fear attacks from the right.) This country is so fucked now that I don’t know we can fix it. Ever.

  2. Houndentenor says:

    Now is the perfect time to raise that issue. It was appalling a few years back when practically all of Hollywood and tons in the mainstream media were dismissing Polanski. That’s not just a mere accusation. He was tried and convicted and fled before sentencing. He’s guilty and that’s not in dispute. If we are having a fit over accusations against Roy Moore (and well we should be) then we should be even more adamant that Polanski has to do the time for the crime he committed.

  3. Houndentenor says:

    For some reason the mainstream and liberal media outlets are terrified of criticism from the right and care not one bit for criticism from the center or the left, unless it is so strong they can’t ignore it. The NY Times is another good example of this.

  4. fry1laurie says:

    Fired for being on the CORRECT side of an issue. What a country.

  5. Gerald Parks says:

    It is unfortunate and rather sad that MSNBC has these horrendous laspe in judgement from time to time.
    By silencing these voices from their platform they do a disservice to our discussions and understanding of the issues from these insight people.
    Any thoughts on how WE THE PEOPLE can make our displeasure known?

  6. Yes there is a growing history of them targeting the left and not the right. Going all the way back to them banning Markos of DailyKos ten years ago.

  7. 1nancy2 says:

    B. I agree. MSNBC needs to reinstate Sam and apologize to boot. Outrageous.

  8. 1nancy2 says:

    MSNBC bends over time and again and fires all of the PPL I adore. I have turned to other sources for my news and love Cenk TYT. Oh wait, that right, MSNBC fired him, along with Martin, Ed, and, and, and…

  9. finnich says:

    He was criticizing those who would have let Polanski off the hook for the rape of a 13 year old because of his film work.

  10. Badgerite says:

    Seriously? Serb Gorka and Mike Cernovich? Does MSNBC not know who these people are.
    They are taking the word of an ffffffing Nazi? And a rather obvious misogynist?
    What Sam Seder was saying is clear. He was criticizing those who would have let Polanski off the hook for the rape of a 13 year old because of his film work.
    Reverse this now. This is profoundly unjust. And wrong.

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