Papa John’s has a delicious Nazi pizza problem

The GOP’s favorite pizza, Papa John’s, has a delicious Nazi problem.

It all began when the conservative owner of Papa John’s decided to weigh in on the NFL kneeling controversy — yes, the real victim of the police brutality controversy is Papa John’s — and the Nazis were so impressed they made him their official pizza.

Herr John was not amused, and hilarity ensued.

Cliff and I discuss this delicious dilemma in this short clip from today’s podcast — click the orange arrow to listen:

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3 Responses to “Papa John’s has a delicious Nazi pizza problem”

  1. NotConvinced says:

    Great idea. I’m hungry to weigh in with the Schnatterbots. I wonder if they’ll make a swastika out of pepperoni on the pizza.

  2. A2er says:

    Call your local Papa John’s and ask for a pizza with a ‘Nazi’ topping or the ‘KKK Special’.

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