World War III

GOP senator Bob Corker warns of World War III under Donald Trump (I think he meant both North Korea and Iran), and Steve Bannon declares war on the Republican party. I’m looking forward to the latter, more than the former.

Having said that, even Bannon’s effort to take on a number of GOP incumbents in next year’s election is not without peril for progressives. Bannon is radicalizing the Republican party, and it’s making sitting and future Republican members of congress more extreme. And that’s not good.

Those two issues are our deep-dive for today’s podcast, but we also hit on a number of other topics too. Here’s a rundown of our latest UnPresidented Podcast, which you can listen to below: Augtober (1:20); The new Star Wars trailer (3:39); Texas Tech shooting (6:24); Adult day care and Liddle’ Bob Corker (10:44); Trump the insult dog (15:19); Why trolling works in the GOP (22:14); World War III in North Korea (24:52); How do you solve a problem like Donny Daycare? (35:11); Has the GOP committed treason by not removing Trump from office? (39:06); Does Bannon’s war on the GOP really help the Left? (54:55); Ted Cruz is my safe word (1:16:32).

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