Stop playing golf and do your damn job

Most of us didn’t vote for Donald Trump.

And we know his campaign colluded with the Russians when he wasn’t busy bragging about groping women, ogling teenage beauty queens, and denigrating Muslims, Latinos, African-Americans, immigrants, women, veterans, the media, the intelligence community, our armed forces, and people with disabilities.

Admittedly, none of us are racists. Or misogynists. Or Russians.

And we don’t belong to Hungarian Nazi clubs, run Web sites that cater to white supremacists, or even own a tiki torch.

But we are Americans. And so are Puerto Ricans.

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump.

Nearly three and a half million Americans in Puerto Rico have no water, no electricity, no food and no medicine. There are reports that Cholera may soon be breaking out — CHOLERA — in the United States of America. In only 8 months, Trump has turned the United States into a third world country, wannabe-dictator and all.

When Texas was hit by a hurricane, Trump rushed down immediately for a photo opp and to help.

When Florida was hit by a hurricane, he rushed down immediately for a photo opp and to help.

When Puerto Rico was hit by a hurricane, and the island was leveled, Trump claimed it wasn’t safe to visit, and then complained that the news reports on the catastrophe were “fake news,” and that everything was going great.

And then he went golfing, and took to Twitter to mock local officials who are doing their best to manage a disaster the likes of which we haven’t seen in our country in years.

As any child can see, it’s not going great.

It’s long past time for Donald Trump to STFU, stop golfing, and do his damn job. Help Puerto Rico now, before a lot more Americans die. Sign the petition.

PS Puerto Rico isn’t in the middle of the ocean.

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