Neither Weinstein nor Trump

Republicans are trying to hang accused sexual harasser, and big Democratic donor, Harvey Weinstein around the Democrats’ neck, but they forget one thing: We didn’t make our sexual predator president; they did.

In this premium episode of our podcast, John and Cliff talk in depth about the Weinstein scandal, the GOP’s double standard on sex (you don’t see any Republicans boycotting Donald Trump or the Mercers), and the media’s incessant need to play both-side-ism.

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And here’s a second snippet about the GOP billionaire donors, the Mercers. While the Republicans are happy to demand that Democrats return any money they got from Harvey Weinstein, they’re happy to take money from the Mercers. The GOP billionaire donor family embraced a pedophile-enabler who sang “America the Beautiful” before a group of Hitler-saluting Nazis. Why isn’t anyone demanding that their money be returned? You can hear that five-minute snippet here:

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