Trump kills the DACA Dream

Donald Trump yesterday rescinded President Obama’s DACA policy that let undocumented kids who arrived in the US before the age of 16 to apply for two-year renewable amnesty. Trump is now pulling the plug on DACA, leaving the kids in limbo, while punting the entire issue to Congress.

Cliff Schecter and I just published an hour-long podcast walking you through what Trump did today, and discussing whether there’s anything Congress or the Supreme Court can or will do to stop him. You can listen to today’s episode here on iTunes. And if you can support us financially, buy a premium subscription (that gives you access to twice as many episodes) on Patreon.

In a nutshell, it’s not clear that a GOP Congress is going to fix this, even though the polls show even a majority of Republicans favor keeping the “Dreamers” here. The problem is congressional conservatives, who will certainly try to tie any DACA compromise to the billions Trump wants for his racist Mexico wall and to even worse anti-immigrant legislation. I just don’t have a lot of confidence in the GOP Congress to fix this, but we’ll see.

As for the courts, a lot of people think Obama’s policy won’t survive a review at the Supreme Court. That means that even if Trump were to keep DACA, the GOP attorneys-general who have been suing to stop the policy, might be able to get the courts to strike it down.

The other topic Cliff and I discuss quite a bit in today’s podcast is the 2018 election, and whether Democrats have a chance at taking back the Senate. Cliff thinks there’s a chance that the country’s collective anger at Trump, and GOP extremism overall, might just swing the Senate at least.

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One Response to “Trump kills the DACA Dream”

  1. Steven says:

    Racist? Hispanic groups and politicians have been advocating for ethnicity over country for decades and that’s not racist? Advocating that laws not be enforced and benefits provided while never asking for the so called immigrant to in any way respect the nation. Yet those opposed are the racist ones? Demanding sanctuary for someone who crosses the border and commits a crime because they share your ethnicity does nothing to help this country or its citizens. Yet Hispanic groups scream if you deport this person. Then you wonder why the push back on illegal immigrants? See what happens when you waive foreign flags and hold up signs in Spanish demanding your American benefits. Sadly this kind of push back on DACA. Citizens are tired of too many “immigrants” treating this country like its an entitlement program to be used and abused while never respecting anything about this country, outside of what they can get out of it. God forbid you have to follow the immigration laws or “immigrant advocates” advocate for the nation once in while and ask people to respect its laws and customs.

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