No, Hillary shouldn’t just shut up

Hillary Clinton’s new book criticizes Bernie Sanders, and has reignited a controversy over progressive unity, women’s rights, and whether the two are mutually exclusive.

I expressed the concern that, regardless of whether Hillary’s criticism of Bernie in the book was right, taking shots at Bernie now risked reigniting a Democrat civil war.

And, I argued, the last thing progressive need right now is fighting each other instead of Donald Trump.

A number of women who voted for Hillary argued that sexism played a huge role in Hillary’s loss, the issue had to be discussed, and asking Hillary to put it off was sexist. Many of them also called me sexist and racist (yes) for suggesting the Bernie criticism was ill-timed.

They argued that sexism played a huge role in Hillary’s loss, the issue had to be discussed, and asking Hillary to put it off was sexist.

As a longtime Hillary supporter, who has criticized Bernie a LOT for being divisive, I feel justified in holding Hillary to same standard,

I was also told that as a white man, I have no right to offer a political opinion on anything Hillary does.

Are Hillary’s critics demanding that women “shut up,” and is Hillary being silenced in the face of legitimate grievances about how she was treated in the 2016 election? Or has the Oppression Olympics on the left gone too far?

Cliff Schecter and I discuss all of this in our latest podcast. (Sasha the wonder-dog, who also refuses to be silenced, makes a cameo appearance.)

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