Four feel-good stories about Hurricane Irma

With all the harrowing stories from Hurricane Irma, I was noticing the occasional feel-good story as well. A reporter rescuing some dolphins; some people on a beach rescuing manatees; a little kid in Georgia buying lunch for someone with Florida license plates; and flamingos!

So, I’ve compiled them in place. Enjoy.

1. An NBC News correspondent rescues a baby, and then a full-grown, dolphin on a Florida beach.

2. A nine-year-old boy pays for Irma evacuee’s lunch. From ABC News:

A 9-year-old Alabama boy didn’t want a Florida evacuee to worry about lunch ahead of Hurricane Irma, so he paid for his meal with the help of his proud mother.

3. Manatees! In several different stories, Floridians rushed to the rescue of Manatees that got stuck when the storm surge came in.

4. And flamingos in the men’s room! The picture with this story is fabulous. It’s actually a photo from Hurricane Georges in 1998, when Zoo Miami put 50 flamingos int he men’s room for safe-keeping.

Busch Gardens also had a great video of them moving their flamingos to safety before Irma struck.

And here are the Busch Gardens flamingos in shelter:


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