Chapo’s Strap-on House

Absolutism on the left is no path to victory.

In our latest podcast, Cliff Schecter and I talk about the importance of holding Democrats accountable while still understanding that our greater fight is with Donald Trump.

We also discuss the latest on Trump-Russia and how the Mueller investigation, with the help of the IRS and NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, is closing in on Trump and his henchmen, including former campaign chair Paul Manafort.

You can listen to a 5-minute snippet of the show below, and you can subscribe to hear the full hour-15 version on Patreon:

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4 Responses to “Chapo’s Strap-on House”

  1. Xor says:

    Actually capitalism did that.

  2. Badgerite says:

    Riiiight. So you think that taxing retirement savings (401ks and IRAs) so as to finance a whopping corporate tax cut is “populist” , and pro “working man”. Uh huh. All that pulling out of the TPP will mean is that American farmers who were relying on that agreement to give them an advantage in selling abroad and have made investments based on that will be left holding the financial bag, as it were. And that the other countries in that agreement will go ahead with their trade deals without US participation. It won’t do one, good, God damned thing for the American “working man”. The Goldman Sachs people who are really in charge, ( see Munchin) will weather that just fine. Especially after they give themselves a gigantic tax cut to comfort themselves. Trade policies are always going to be “global”. Know why?
    We live on a globe. Thus it has been since the Silk Road and before. It is highly unlikely that that will change now what with the modern technology that global trade has at its disposal. And word. Coal is not coming back. It is a obsolete technology and no matter what obstacles fossil fuels industry puts in the way of alternative ( solar, wind, etc) energy, at some tipping point the market itself will decide to switch over. If the working class is “under the bus”, it is because it has made bad political decisions that put them there. They abandoned Bill Clinton in 1994 and got Newt Gingrich who hates unions. Bill Clinton wanted a programs of government sponsored and paid for infrastructure improvements which would have been a boon to the “working man” and the unions. They allowed the GOP to take control and they, the working class, have been paying the price for that ever since.

  3. Polymath Level8 says:

    Reading liberal blogs is like a day in fantasy land.
    You can blame Russia and Trump all you want. By the left lost this election by supporting globalist employment policy for thirty years, signing off on the export of factories and import of cheap labor, and throwing the working class under the bus.
    Now under the spell of cultural relativists, you defend the latest group of immigrants who don’t share the common decencies of all advanced civilizations.
    After being a liberal for forty years, I’m sad and disgusted over how low the party has sunk.

  4. Xor says:

    “All these people attacked her after she came out for it”
    Love when people just make shit up.

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