Trump’s non-stop vacations have bankrupted the Secret Service

Donald Trump’s non-stop vacations to his various golf courses have bankrupted the Secret Service, USA Today reports.

The problem is the size of Trump’s extended family, plus the necessity of keeping agents full-time at Trump’s various golf courses up and down the east coast.

As a result, the Secret Service has already spent its entire budget allotted for the year, and it’s only August.

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Among the costs:

– Keeping a permanent presence at Trump’s golf courses.
– Not only protecting the Trump children, but traveling with Eric and Don Jr. when they travel abroad to promote the Trump family business. During Eric Trump’s recent trip to Uruguay, the Secret Service had to spend $100,000 on hotel rooms alone.

A General Accounting Office report estimated that the cost of protecting Trump for a weekend trip to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida — which Trump calls the “Winter White House” — is $3 million per weekend.

And judging by the number of vacations Trump takes — the Washington Post calculated that in his first six months on the job, Trump took 3x as many vacations as President Obama — the Secret Service’s budget problems won’t get better any time soon.

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