Trump to obstruct disaster relief in Texas tomorrow

Donald Trump, himself an ever-growing disaster, is preparing to parachute into Texas tomorrow to interfere with relief efforts during the ongoing natural disaster unfolding in that state (it’s not over yet, the storm is now heading back to the gulf, and may regroup into a hurricane then head north!). The scenes on TV are horrific — from Texas neighborhoods completely underwater, to elderly women in nursing homes just sitting in chest-high water waiting to be rescued. Just heart-wrenching.

So what does Donald Trump do in response to this unprecedented devastation? He pardons a racist, and then plans a joy ride to undermine the ongoing relief in the ongoing disaster. Tomorrow, Tuesday, Trump will land in Texas to burnish his image on the backs of dislocated Texans who have lost everything.

Even more bizarre, in a press conference Trump is holding as I write this, he just said that he’s going back to Texas, and to Louisiana as well, this coming weekend, when again it’s going to be a disaster! What is he doing?

It is common knowledge in politics that you DO NOT have the president visit an ongoing disaster region. Why? Because his massive needs — from security to meetings with local officials — get in the way of local efforts to save lives. Because of Trump’s visit, local police will have to divert their attention from rescue work and focus on keeping Trump safe. Because of Trump’s visit, local relief may not even be able to get to people in need because Trump could be in the way, blocking all traffic. And because of Trump’s visit, local officials, who should be spending their time saving lives, will be ordered to a command performance briefing the narcissist in chief.

Surely Trump knows better. It’s a guarantee that his own staff, and disaster officials, have told him not to go to Texas — not yet, at least, when the storm is still ongoing and may even get worse (latest reports are that it might hit New Orleans next). But Trump is Trump, a childish narcissist who only thinks of himself. Desperate to move beyond the critical attention to his recent embrace of actual Nazis, and his pardon of a racist, Trump is happy to use drowning Texas as cannon fodder. So tomorrow he will.


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13 Responses to “Trump to obstruct disaster relief in Texas tomorrow”

  1. Dover Bill says:

    But I’ll bet that the crowds will be the best ever in the history of forever during a national disaster?

  2. Martha Bartha says:

    See! When Trump shows up, the Sun comes out!

  3. Eturman says:

    You liberal bastards are all the same, all negative, nothing positive. Why don’t all of ya’ll eat shit and die. It almost like you’re on the titanic praying for it to sink. Trump can save this country from complete devastation if you dumb asses would just shut your pie hole and give him a chance

  4. Moderator4 says:

    He was deleted and banned, Arn-thor.

  5. Arn-thor says:

    Shut the fkk up and fill sand bags, or help rescue, ya idiot…

  6. Arn-thor says:

    Trump need to let peo-ple do their jobs, and not micro-manage what he is clueless about, bur=t as usual, having his butt in front of cameras, is more important than anything else…Hand the SOB, some sand bags to fill and see what he does,….hand them to someone else….What a louse…

  7. Shawn says:



  8. Demosthenes says:

    Trump doesn’t care about disaster relief. He’s unconcerned about Houston. All he cares about is putting on a show.

  9. woodroad34 says:

    And he literally claimed he did it because he thought the ratings would be good. *sigh*

  10. woodroad34 says:

    And red hats.

  11. Jude Brown says:

    Trump is going to Texas to hand out more Play-doh.

  12. Robert Kopp says:

    Trump wanted to pardon Arpaio while the media were focused on the hurricane, so the pardon would get less attention.

  13. NotConvinced says:

    Leak from the White House. Overheard in the Oval Office.

    John Kelly: Are you tweeting again?
    Trump: Yes. I’m about to send it. Listen- When life sends you a a massive flooding disaster, have a wet t-shirt contest. Let the healing begin.
    John Kelly: DO NOT SEND THAT. If you don’t give me that phone immediately I will call security and have them rip it out of your hands and I will personally smash it to bits.
    Trump: Really?

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