New Yorker releases audio of crazy profanity-laden Scaramucci phone call

The New Yorker has just published excerpts of the audio of former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci’s insane phone call with reporter Ryan Lizza.

Oddly, the New Yorker censored the most offensive parts of the audio. It’s not entirely clear why, as they’re the most newsworthy part of the story. I’ve had to make decisions like this in the past, when I uncovered proof that Bush White House reporter Jeff Gannon (aka James Guckert) was actually a gay male prostitute. I had to decide whether to publish salacious images from Gannon’s “business” Web site. In the end, I did, because it became clear to me that by censoring my own story, I would be changing the story itself, making it less salacious, less offensive, less shocking, and thus helping quell the very controversy the story was reporting on. And as a journalist, and an activist, it’s not my job to help quell GOP scandals.

It’s also not clear why the New Yorker didn’t simply publish the entire conversation (at least the on-the-record parts). The audio below contains a few clips, but not the majority of the conversation. Why not?

Here’s what the New Yorker did release.

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