Is Melania Trump really fluent in five languages?

Melania Trump claims to be fluent in English, French, Italian, German and Slovenian. But is she really?

I speak five languages (Spanish, French, Italian, Greek and English), looked into the issue, and what I found raises questions about just how well Melania Trump truly speaks French and Italian.

Why does this matter? Because just this week, Donald Trump announced a new immigration policy whereby potential immigrants with skills, and fluency in English, will get favored treatment. So the issue of whether Melania Trump, America’s most famous immigrant, even spoke English when she got here, and whether she’s telling the truth about her overall language abilities, matters. Because her husband made it matter.

And finally, this goes to the larger issue of this administration being one continuous ongoing lie. If they lie about the little stuff, imagine what they’re doing with issues that really matter.

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57 Responses to “Is Melania Trump really fluent in five languages?”

  1. 007 says:

    No, she can’t speak English well.

  2. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Now explain “intillectual”.

  3. Janice Archer Weaver says:

    The press conference after each world leader’s visit. They were covered on all networks & cable stations. I have no idea where you go & who you talk to, I’m talking about official visits.

  4. Janice Archer Weaver says:

    Liar was a typo. Laddy is another acceptable spelling of laddie. I’m sure you know basic research skills Einstein, so you can check that out. What is a man baby? How can one be a baby, yet a man, at the same time? I know it’s in the Urban Dictionary, but mental giants like yourself usually don’t recognize the Urban Dictionary. Would you have been alright with Obama being called a giant chocolate such and such? You wouldn’t have said anything, right? There are some that would call one a representative of the ignorant that voted for the loser in the past Presidential Election. And there are those that would call someone who uses words from an Urban Dictionary (dictionary of slang) not very intillectual, but I wouldn’t be one of those kinds of people!

  5. gffish says:

    Please provide an example from a reputable news source of any world leader (other than Vladimir Putin) praising the current U. S. President. In my international travels in North America and Asia since Trump’s election, I have yet to talk to anyone who had anything positive to say about Donald Trump.

  6. Tracey Aquino says:

    What is a “lier” and “laddy”? You’re a true representative of the ignorant, illiterate lot that voted for the giant orange man-baby.

  7. NotConvinced says:

    A lot of people don’t know this but Melania knows the phrase “asshole cheater” in five different languages but only Donny Two Scoops has heard her say all five. Repeatedly. Bigley

  8. NotConvinced says:

    I’m sure that Melania knows the word fellatio is French. Other than that…

  9. Aslan says:

    If she had such a talent for languages, she would be capable of speaking English fluently – she has lived in this country for over 20 years – and she cannot. Her English should be her most used language, so any other languages (beyond her mother tongue) she claims to speak? A lie. Another Trump lie.

  10. #HePersisted says:

    Dom Saunders is an annoying fairy.

  11. BarbarasOpinion says:

    I’m a Conservative and I highly dislike him. I’d not loathe her if she made an attempt, any attempt, to use what little brain she has but she is too arrogant. She broke US Law re: fraudulent information. As for Javanka……!!!!!!

  12. Houndentenor says:

    In a world in which people are fascinated by the Khardashians, why is that surprising? Trump’s White House is a reality show. Something new and controversial happens every day so everyone is talking about it all the time. I’m calling it The Real Douchebags of the West Wing. Melania’s only life accomplishments are a little modeling and fucking a married man who later married her as his latest trophy wife. Americans are so bad at math that they couldn’t even figure out from official statements at the RNC that he was fucking Melania well before he divorced Marla. There was a time when the social conservatives would have been appalled by that but Trump is their wildest dream of a candidate. He’s crude, vulgar and best of all liberals hate him.

  13. BarbarasOpinion says:

    Excellent comments. Totally on point. (Her big “press conference” did not happen because she knows very well she worked illegally, it’s been documented by a photographer who knew. ) What is most annoying is she has made not one measly little effort to do anything,, to have a platform and get on it. It was made into a huge deal that she went to a couple of hospitals to see the kids, um they all do that; she was told to do it. ZERO brain power to do anything on her own and this is supposed to be a global role model? Lordy….

  14. Houndentenor says:

    She’s exactly what Republicans want in a first lady. I still hear older conservatives bashing Betty Ford who imho was one of the best first ladies ever. She was warm and human and spoke her own mind. She was open and honest about both her cancer and her substance abuse problems at a time when people did not talk about those things in public. (People used to practically whisper the word cancer as if it were a dirty secret…and breast cancer! Well, you didn’t discuss that!) She was even honest about her face lift. And since then we’ve had a number of first ladies who had accomplishments of their own like Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. Laura Bush did, to be fair, speak out on some important women’s issues late in her husband’s last years in office. But Republicans hate that. They want a trophy and that’s all Melania is. I hope you didn’t think I was a fan. I was merely pointing out that sometimes press people inflate something you said until it’s not remotely true any more and that could have happened here. Remember when she was going to have a press conference and clear up the working on a tourist visa matter? Never happened. And she’s been interviewed several times since then without the subject coming up at all. (Anderson Cooper for example didn’t even ask one question about it.) The press corps in most democracies wouldn’t have allowed that but we don’t have a news media any more. We have entertainment conglomerates who present infotainment.

  15. BarbarasOpinion says:

    Melania Dump has lied about everything – she was illegal on a tourist VISA AND it’s been documented she worked before she should have. She bragged about fake ‘degrees in architecture and design” when it’s been documented she flunked her exams in her only semester of college, dumb as a rock. She then claimed she was “fluent” in five (or was it ten thousand?) languages and as I speak and write en Francais et en Espagnol aussi, I knew immediately she was lying about that when i saw her “efforts”. She lied about her parents’ education adn work histories as she did her own. She lied about writing her own speeches and never having posed in soft porn pics which as u may see, are all over the internet. She lied about…oh never mind. This woman lies like a sidewalk. Moreover, she never once admitted to a single lie nor apologized for them so she is as arrogant as she is a liar. The end. Je suis desolee, mais Melania ne peut pas parler en Francais, etc. liar liar pants on fire….

  16. BarbarasOpinion says:

    my S.O. not only does not “drool” over this bimbo he think she is a rigid, hard faced, no IQ Stepford Wife, sorry….he thinks Marla Maples was much prettier and had a far superior personaliity. He likes intelligent, educated women who have some talent to offer, not just bedroom activities. He was on point with that. Sorry…

  17. BarbarasOpinion says:

    how am I lying? Melania is the one who has lied and lied and lied, and in fact, fyi, she should have been in jail for disseminating false and fraudulent information. All of her lies I have indicated have been documented, are u aware of that????? And for your info, I vote Conservative and would say the same thing of any other FLOTUS who was as dense and embarrassing as this gal

  18. BarbarasOpinion says:

    She has claimed she is “fluent” in five languages. She also claimed she had “degrees in architecture and design”, “writes her own speeches, mainly”, “never worked illegally on a tourist VISA”, “has parents who were a designer and a manager” and “started her own businesses”. LIE, LIE, LIE LIE, LIE., LIE, LIE. This bimbo lies more than a sidewalk, but she has zero to offer, not a brain cell. Very unfortunate. She did get caught in Europe when she could not come up with 4 consecutive mots en Francais, nor speak in her other “fluent” languages of German and Italian. She was barely able to read a nursery rhyme to children and could not read the Lord’s Prayer even with cue cards. Unreal. She also has yet to do something in this role..ANYTHING to prove to the global community that she does own a brain. Rather, she stands aloof in couture, does not speak, does not think. She only does so on command. Clearly, Melania not only does not know how to come up with a platform but she has no clue what that means. Stay tuned.

  19. Houndentenor says:

    Is she saying she’s fluent or is it other people? I’ve had my bio inflated by presumably well-intentioned PR people. I can’t believe I’m defending anyone named Trump. She’s European. Speaking five languages at least well enough for tourist purposes wouldn’t be the least bit surprising. Fluency in five would be remarkable. I also find that people often say fluent when I wouldn’t. I had four years of French and use it a lot but I would never claim to be fluent.

    The real Melania issue though is that she was working as a model in NYC on a tourist visa. She was an undocumented worker.

  20. Dover Bill says:

    … tired, your poor, your huddled… especially your huddled?

  21. Dover Bill says:

    I sure she’s fluent in at least one: Green

  22. A2er says:

    She also fluent in Lying. Like her husband. They lie to each and others daily.

    Trump University used to offer a course on learning to lie. Melania has a degree in Lying from a university as well.

  23. Janice Archer Weaver says:

    He was a womanizer but??? You are the same kind of Hypocritical Feminist Hillary is! Bill Clinton had a good economy because he put a gun to the middle class’s heads (mine) and took it via the IRS. He was charming alright, to all the ladies except the one he was married to. He became a laughing stock of the global community thinking of him spraying Monica’s dress and getting serviced under JFK’s desk. Trump has met with almost every leader and they have all praised him (Don’t you ever listen to the joint news conferences afterwards?) You just can’t go on those DNC talking points you receive daily, use your own brain(?) & get it first hand. Melonia is a beautiful classy lady and you are lying just because of bitterness of Bill not being Fist Laddy. Your significant other drools over her and you know it! You made fun of all those Republican First Ladies also, because that’s what you Liberals do. Brains? Bill’s were in his ding dong! Hillary didn’t know classified information from email spam and couldn’t beat a non politian real estate developer! You are a bitter, lying, hypocritical, fake feminist and I no longer care about anything you have to say. So long-I block losers!

  24. Zorba says:

    I think we are wasting our time responding to Janice Archer Weaver, because she seems to have her very rigid mind made up.
    I feel sorry for her, but as for me, I am through responding to her. It’s like talking to a brick wall.

  25. Zorba says:

    Speaking of stupid. Do you consider yourself a Christian? Because if you do, your own Lord and Savior Jesus Christ said “Whatsoever you do to the least of these, My brethren, you do unto Me.”
    Do you follow this? Every day?
    And you are the one who first spoke about casting the first stone, but here you are, casting stones around all over the place.

  26. BarbarasOpinion says:

    Bill Clinton was a womanizer but he was a Rhodes Scholar who rendered the US economy in a good place. He also was a very effective diplomat due to his charming demeanor; the global community respected and LIKED the US. Now, the global community loathes the US because of Donnie Dumpster and the imported, lying, Stepford wife bimbo dropout whore. I FAIL to see what one would be jeaous of,, for this woman has a very hard look about her ,no personality, no brain cells, no educaton, no talents, zero. Ivana was a sharp woman, university grad and Marla was much prettier,, wtih a personality! If u compare Melatonin Dumpster to Laura Bush, Michelle, Hillary, Roslyn, Barbara, Jackie, even little Nancy, she is an EPIC FAIL. Seven months in and she has not done a darn thing NOTHING and is too stupid to effect a platform. hat on earth is there to be jealous of? Zorba’s comment is on point also in that Donnie is also a serial liar. And let me be clear. I am in no way suggesting that either Clinton is perfect, far from it. But THEY have brains and did not lead the administration into disarray, promoting spoiled heiresses with fake everything as “presidential adviser” and bimbo mail order brides as “FLOTUSES”. tHE END.

  27. Janice Archer Weaver says:

    I certainly don’t know why me being from the south has anything to do with anything. You are from New York. So what? Am I supposed to be impressed? You are a better judge of what’s better for my country than I am? I really don’t give a flip which one of the Socialist you voted for. Bernie wants everybody to think the world owes them a living. You shouldn’t have to pay for your own education, let somebody else do it. Why should you give up the things you want to pay for your own healthcare? People who work hard and are considered rich, Bernie thinks you are entitled to most of what they have. Hillary was outed by the FBI as a serial liar. The sell proclaimed Feminist let a serial adulterer abuse her for decades. She has to act like a dumb blond women to get out of the fact she doesn’t know classified information from email spam. I Iive in a delusional world? You my dear live in never never land, entitled, and think the government can run your life better than you can. Your tired old Socialists will probably run again, so why don’t you just get out there and work for the best you think you deserve. So long. I’m out. You just can’t fix stupid!

  28. Zorba says:

    You’re not from south of the Mason Dixon line, are you?
    I didn’t drink the Hillary KoolAid. I am an actual leftist, and was a Bernie Sanders supporter. I only wound up voting for Hillary in the general election, because Trump was a self-centered, greedy, narcissistic, many-times-failed businessman who lied constantly.
    I lived in New York for some
    years, and New Yorkers are particularly aware of what a fraud and charlatan Trump is.
    I feel sorry for you, Janice, as I would feel sorry for anyone who lives in such a delusional world.

  29. Janice Archer Weaver says:

    I am special thank you. Trump wasn’t outed by the FBI as a serial lier as Hillary was. So between the two Trump was elected POTUS, and Hillary got run back to Chappaqua. Why not try getting behind POTUS & FLOTUS & root for the country instead of strangling on Hillary koolaid?

  30. Zorba says:

    Well, bless your heart. Aren’t you special?
    You’re, probably very deliberately, ignoring the fact that the current POTUS lies even more than his FLOTUS. Way more.
    He lies so often, he can’t even remember his lies from one day to the next, and often contradicts himself with a different lie.
    But you just keep on drinking the Trump KoolAid and believing all the lies.

  31. McGutscheine says:


  32. Janice Archer Weaver says:

    I sense jealously & bitterness. How would Bill Clinton have been so much better as First Laddy being turned loose with the White House Interns again? Even if Melania is a serial liar, better to have one as FLOTUS than the serial liar Hillary Clinton as POTUS!

  33. BarbarasOpinion says:

    it may be common but um je suis desolee..Melania ne peut pas parler en Francais, en Allemande, en Espagnol et en Anglais..BARELY. ONE MORE of her endless stream of lies.

  34. BarbarasOpinion says:

    Melania speaks Slovenian and horrid English. C’est tout. I am amazed at how naive people are..did u see her pathetic attempts at French and German in Europe? She claimed fluency in both…then we have her amazing degrees…..

  35. BarbarasOpinion says:

    Um, this woman is supposed to be some kind of intelligent role model, the First Lady of the United States. She is a serial liar, a fake and has nothing to offer. There’s a slight difference.

  36. BarbarasOpinion says:


  37. BarbarasOpinion says:

    LOL She is just as she has “degrees in architecture and design”, was “legal”, has “brilliant business acumen”, writes her “own speeches”, “never plagiarized”, has parents who were “a designer and a manager” et al. In actual fact, as she proved in Paris, she could not manage four consecutive words en Francais..Je suis desolee, mais ell ne peut pas parler en Francais, en Allemande, en Espagnol, aussi….c’est vrai. She lies like a sidewalk. I am fluent in Spanish and French. She could not speak German nor Italian also. She speaks Slovenian and dreadful English, could not recite The Cat in the Hat to children nor even read The Lord’s Prayer with cue cards.. THAT is the first lady of the US? Seriously? Goodness. She dropped out of a college in first semester, having flunked three exams in a row, boom, boom, boom which was corroborated as was her parents being factory workers, not a “designer” and “manager”. Moreover, she never gave her big press conference because she knows well she worked before being on VISA, also documented by a photographer. She also claimed to be a top model but top models walk the catwalks, she did not and top models don’t have to pose grabbing their private parts as she did. She is an imported 2nd rate model seeking a rich man, a Stepford wife who was highly paid for one thing and one thing only by Donnie….and unfortunately, is not educated, intelligent, erudite, talented but is a tall, rigid clothes hanger with no personality or charisma. We don’t want her in Canada on our dime, and I will bet nobody will be allowed to speak French to her because she knows she got caught. A total disgrace. But just look at Ivanka the “big POTUS advisor” with zero qualificatons, education or experience and the POTUS?

  38. nikto says:

    Forget the Romance Languages.

    But she’s fluent in all the Pig Languages.

  39. Zorba says:

    Interestingly enough, I also know someone from Romania, who speaks Romanian, Russian, Italian, and English. And she’s not the brightest bulb in the display, either.

  40. Katrina Rose says:

    For her kid’s sake, I hope she is. it would balance out the fact that her husband isn’t even fluent in one.

  41. Gerrie says:

    What is troubling is this guy has nothing else better to write about…and he gets paid for this? Ridiculous.

  42. Martha Bartha says:

    I’d wish she’d use her tongue on me.

  43. GeorgeMokray says:

    Didn’t George W Bush speak “fluent” Spanish? I’m thinking it’s the same standard. The one that also allowed calling John Kerry an elitist snob when he broke out his French language skills.

  44. Janice Archer Weaver says:

    Sad because people lie and fall short of the glory of God? Or sad because somebody throws stones who lies about lying?

  45. emjayay says:


  46. Demosthenes says:

    Does Melania speak fluent English?

  47. Duke Woolworth says:

    Many people in Europe, and the ones who do business especially, are fairly fluent in English and other languages. It’s survival. We were recently in a far corner of a former Soviet bloc country. Virtually everybody spoke pretty good English at least. The kids, who were subjected to hours of American media, had tiny accents, about what you’d expect from somebody brought to the US as a child and spent years inundated in midwestern speech.
    In southwest France, I did notice that the kids were doing what I remember kids doing what I remember from the postwar period: playing and studying, with NO PHONES.

  48. McGutscheine says:

    Really doubt that she is “fluent” in five languages.

  49. Dan dante says:

    I would like to know how many languages michelle obama knows or how bout hillary…shut the f##k up…and u call yourself a reporter..have some god dam respect for the business

  50. Janice Archer Weaver says:

    If this, if that! Wouldn’t it be refreshing if we had journalist these days who reported reality news?

  51. Janice Archer Weaver says:

    Who of us hasn’t? Are you throwing the 1st stone?

  52. JailhouseRob says:

    She’s already been shown to be a liar many times.

  53. Donna Hurst says:

    I had an online friend from Finland a few years ago, and she spoke six or seven languages. Not all fluently, but more than passably. And fluent in the rest. She rarely tripped up in English…you only noticed it with colloquialisms.

    Like you said, that’s a common thing in that area of the world.

  54. angryspittle says:

    Or can I suck your….

  55. Quilla says:

    She can probably ask for cash in those languages.

  56. Sean Clancy says:

    It’s quite common for people in that part of the world to speak multiple languages, but it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I once worked with a guy from Romania who spoke Romanian, Hungarian, German and English, and he had the brains of a boiled turnip.

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