Hillary was right

Hillary was right.

She warned us, almost one year ago to the day, that a man you can goad with a tweet shouldn’t be given access to the nuclear codes.

And here we are, six months into Trump’s presidency, potentially on the brink of a nuclear war because Trump just can’t STFU.

Donald Trump has truly met his match with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. There is probably no leader on the planet as crazy, as egotistical, as full of himself and his own words as Trump and Kim. So when they get into a rhetorical pissing match, like they have this past week, it’s more than sad or comical. It’s dangerous. We’re dealing with men who live and die by their ego and their public image. If they perceive they’re being slighted, they go ballistic. Literally.

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Nuclear blast via Shutterstock

Donald Trump is a serial liar, his word means nothing. So it doesn’t really mean anything that Trump has drawn a red line at North Korea “threatening” to attack Guam. It means nothing. No promise, to act or to refrain from acting, means a thing because Donald Trump is a proven liar. And that makes this situation all the more dangerous. In international relations, consistency breeds confidence. Even if you’re dealing with an an enemy, if his actions are consistent and rational, you have fair warning before he, say, nukes you. With Trump, you don’t. This leaves North Korea in the unenviable, and dangerous, situation where they have to figure out whether the madman of Bedminster will nuke them first. And there’s no way to tell, because Trump is an unpredictable liar. And that can lead to North Korea, or anyone threatened by Trump, acting first. If you can’t tell if your opponent is going to nuke you, you might just nuke him first.

And that’s where we come full circle. Not only is this situation dangerous because Trump is inept and operating on pure ego. It’s dangerous because Trump’s dishonor provides an incentive for our adversaries to anticipate the worst, and try to pre-empt it by attacking first. And short of removing the man from office, I’m not sure what we can do about it. Happy Friday!


Is Melania Trump really fluent in five languages? I’m not so sure. (Video blog)

Newsweek’s new cover photo just destroys Donald Trump. You have to see it. I thought it wasn’t real. It is.

I published a video blog using video clips to ask the question whether Donald Trump is physically well.

And finally, a new study shows that Trump will be responsible for double-digit increases in health insurance premiums next year.

[Democrat Jacky Rosen is running against Obamacare repeal supporter Dean Heller in the US Senate race in Nevada next year. Please donate to Jacky. This is likely the Democrats’ best chance at picking up a seat.]


I haven’t blogged much this week, because I’m preparing for the launch of my new podcast with my progressive partner in crime, Cliff Schecter. We’re still getting some of the bugs out, and hope to have an official launch next week. The podcast will contain free and subscription-only episodes (about 50-50 of each), so you can still enjoy it if you can’t afford to help out, but if you can afford it, it will be much appreciated.

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to duck and cover.

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10 Responses to “Hillary was right”

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  2. nikto says:

    My opinion that Trump is irresponsible and ignorant doesn’t change when he fires missiles at “the right country”.

    It really bothered me when Chuck Schumer and other Democrats praised Trump’s firing of cruise missiles into Syria in April.
    Also, that attack didn’t do shit, except co$t taxpayers $100-Million or so and raise Raytheon’s stock (which Trump still holds shares of).


    So, as long as Trump fires missiles at the “right country”, Democrats think it’s great?
    They just roll right over for Trump when he commits an “approved” act of war?

    On a date, we’d call that an “easy conquest”.

  3. Moderator4 says:

    Anyone who is calling for dropping a nuclear bomb, is beyond the pale. You are banned.

  4. Badgerite says:

    I will not “unite” with neo Nazis, white supremacists and KKK. No F–king way.
    And I will never call anyone who asks or tries to tell me so, President.

  5. Tim says:

    I haven’t seen any buttons pushed. The reason this goof ball from N Korea is going as far as he has is because he doesn’t think anybody is going to do anything to stop him. Hilary Wouldn’t, with her youd all be part of N Korea right now getting weird haircuts with nothing to eat. If Trump seems Crazy enough to the little Dictator From NK he just might back off, if not, I’ll use the phrase of Randy Newman’s song “Let’s Drop The Big One now”.

  6. Martha Bartha says:

    Motherfuckers gonna get us all killed & he’s just 8 months in.

  7. Demosthenes says:

    John A — Do subscribers to Americablog get full access to your video discussions?

  8. Badgerite says:

    If the GOP Congress does not act to restrain this madman I suspect that France will be wanting its Statute of Liberty back. The US will be forever the monster that caused a nuclear holocaust in Asia.
    And you had better believe that that is the way the world, and God, will see it. ‘Pastor’ Jeffers notwithstanding.

  9. What a loser Clinton is.

  10. brel1 says:

    Hell yes she was right. Used to think all the idiot red necks lived in the South but after the election it’s clear a lot of them moved to the North and Midwest. They now have their soul mate in the Con. Pity. It’s gone from we are screwed to we will be annihilated.

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