Hilarious breakdown of Trump’s chaotic four weeks (video)

CNN did a great breakdown of Donald Trump’s chaotic last four weeks in office.

Brooke Baldwin talked us through the list of disasters, that was so long she had to stop to get some water!

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9 Responses to “Hilarious breakdown of Trump’s chaotic four weeks (video)”

  1. Martha Bartha says:

    So he’s a Mad Genius? Like Hitler?

  2. Martha Bartha says:

    He’s their Orange God! It’s all a conspiracy to remove him from office. It’s a silent coup, according to AM Right Wing talk radio mindless idiot listeners.

  3. Outspoken1 says:

    No one likes to admit they are wrong or were duped. I have quit trying to talk to Trump supporters and explain the facts and realities of the world. They just ‘double-down’ and say they support Trump while admitting he may have some rough edges, but he is their ‘guy.’ His supporters will NOT admit they ‘drank the Kool-aid (sorry, Kool-aid!)’. All we can hope is that they do not show up to vote so foolishly in the 2018 elections. And that there are quality candidates to vote for!!

  4. Demosthenes says:

    You co-worker is fully assimilated into the Fox “News”, hate radio, and Breitbart echo chambers and is without redemption. Don’t talk politics with him. It’s pointless.

  5. brel1 says:

    No understanding Trump supporters.

  6. keirmeister says:

    I have a friend…a coworker. He’s not a racist and is a smart-enough normal guy. He’s also a Trump supporter.

    I finally was able to ask him how he feels about the Trump presidency with all of this junk going on.

    He believes Trump is right that the media is out to get him.


    He also thinks Trump isn’t helping because of his unfiltered nature. But Trump is also a visionary by being the first President to speak directly to The People, without the filter of a staff, because he uses Twitter…and all of the supposed goofs are actually him knowing exactly what he’s doing.


  7. Dover Bill says:

    It is the weirdest of times, it is the sanest of times.

    Take your pick?

  8. Dover Bill says:

    But… what about those glorious 1st 100 days?

  9. brel1 says:

    We are living in the weirdest of times. When will it be over?

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