The art of any deal

Trump’s defenders, and Trump himself, like to claim that he’s a master dealmaker. I don’t buy it. A master deal maker makes good deals. Trump as president seems desperate to make “any” deal.

Health care reform is the most glaring example. Does anyone really believe that Trump has any idea what the central issues are, let alone what specifically is in the House or Senate GOP bills?

Trump himself has promised that TrumpCare will have lower premiums and higher benefits. But neither the House nor Senate bills provide more benefits than Obamacare. And to the extent premiums are lower, it’s only because the benefits will be so much worse, including massively higher deductibles.

Photo credit: Michael Vadon

Look at the House GOP bill. It passes and the White House puts out a photo of Trump celebrating with his children and closest advisers. Then Trump holds an event at the White House, with all the GOP congressmen slapping each other on the back over the bill’s passage. A short time later, word leaks out that Trump thinks the bill is too mean, as CBO hast estimated the bill will lead to 23 million more uninsured. This, after Trump twice celebrated the bill’s passage.

Then we move to the Senate, where Trump apparently is promising a less-mean bill. The Senate bill, we ultimately find, will still lead to 22 million more uninsured. Yet Trump is promoting the Senate bill. Is there anything in the Senate bill to increase benefits, as promised by Trump? Nope.

There’s been other reporting that Trump is desperate for a health care deal simply to prove that he’s kept his promise. Not a promise as to the specifics of the replacement, just the promise to repeal Obamacare. The fact of a deal, any deal, is more important to Trump than the specifics.

And just imagine what Trump will be willing to give away in order to “strike a deal” with Putin.

When you’re dealing with legislation that impacts one-fifth of the economy, and the health and welfare of every American, the president should treat it as more than a simple trophy bride.

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3 Responses to “The art of any deal”

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  2. Demosthenes says:

    Desperate for a “win” and willing to take any terrible deal accurately describes Trump. It’s why he supports any GOP deal to kill the ACA, despite his repeated statements his health plan would cover more people for less.

  3. MoonDragon says:

    I’m not sure which deal he ever made that was great. What he has always been good at is making money for himself by letting other people take the risks. When a deal goes south, he generally walks away leaving others to face the exposure. He even managed to take the one profitable Eastern Airline division (Eastern Shuttle) and, by tossing it’s successful business plan of frequent, no frills, affordable, on time flights for business men on the East coast, and turning it into an freakin’ luxury transport that suited his personal tastes and ego. When it couldn’t make costs, he let the banks take the planes ans helicopters. The man is a scammer. The only thing that keeps him going is the fact that people want to believe his lies and will turn their pockets out for him to pick more easily.

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