PolitFact: Trump has worst poll numbers of any president since polling began

Donald Trump is lying again.

Yesterday, Trump tweeted about his poor polling numbers yesterday, and claimed that not only were the numbers “not bad” for someone six months into his presidency, but Trump also criticized the poll’s author, ABC/Washington Post. Specifically, Trump claimed that the ABC/Washington Post poll right before the election was “the most inaccurate poll” of that time.

All lies. In fact, the ABC/WaPo poll correctly predicted that Hillary would win the popular vote by 4 percentage points, with a margin of error of +/- 2.5. As CNN’s Jake Tapper notes, the poll was right:

As for Trump’s second point, that his approval rating is at 40% and that it’s “not bad” for someone six months into his presidency? First, Trump’s approval rating is at 36%, not 40%.

But things get really interesting when you look at Trump’s claim that his numbers aren’t that bad. They are. They’re really bad. They’re the worst of any president since polling began 70 years ago. PolitiFact compiled the numbers, and created a nifty chart:

Trump approval rating compared to other presidents

Yeah, dead last.

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