GOP Senate candidate Josh Mandel embraces far right Pizzagate conspiracy theorists

Republican US Senate candidate Josh Mandel of Ohio today embraced two men labeled by the Anti-Defamation League as being leaders of a far right movement that traffics in conspiracy theories, such as the infamous “Pizzagate” theory that led to a DC pizza parlor shooting.

Mandel was the Republican challenger to Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown in 2012, and is running against Brown again in 2018. He is also currently the state treasurer of Ohio.

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The ADL claims that the men in question belong to the “Alt Lite.”

Goal ThermometerThe Alt Lite, per the ADL, “was created by the alt right to differentiate itself from right-wing activists who refused to publicly embrace white supremacist ideology. Today, the alt lite, sometimes referred to as the New Right, is loosely-connected movement whose adherents generally shun white supremacist thinking, but who are in step with the alt right in their hatred of feminists and immigrants, among others. Many within the alt lite sphere are virulently anti-Muslim; the group abhors everyone on “the left” and traffics in conspiracy theories, including #Pizzagate, which claimed there was evidence of a child slavery ring operating inside a DC pizzeria.”

Josh Mandel, photo by PublicPolicyStudy.

The ADL, whose missions is to expose and fight extremism, listed Posobiec and Cernovich among other Alt Right, and Alt Lite, leaders in a recent publication on their Web site. Cernovich claims that the ADL publication is a “hit list of political opponents” that will “incite terrorism.”

Here’s the ADL on Posobiec:

Jack Posobiec, a conspiracy theorist, author, and vocal supporter of President Trump, organized June’s Rally Against Political Violence, after learning that Richard Spencer would be speaking at the Free Speech Rally. He also helmed the DeploraBall, a 2017 inaugural event that attracted many from the alt right and alt lite spheres. He has enthusiastically promoted a range of lies, including the Pizzagate hoax, and attempted to discredit anti-Trump activists by planting an inflammatory “Rape Melania” sign at a protest event. He was among the protesters who stormed the stage during New York Public Theater’s controversial run of “Julius Caesar,” shouting, “You are all Goebbels! You are all Nazis like Joseph Goebbels… you are inciting terrorists,” and, “The blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands!” Posobiec has clashed verbally with white supremacist Richard Spencer, who called Posobiec’s Rally Against Political Violence “pathetic.” Posobiec is the Washington correspondent for right-wing Rebel Media.

And here’s the ADL on Cernovich:

Mike Cernovich is a Southern California-based blogger, YouTube personality, author, filmmaker, conspiracy theorist and radio host who has a predominantly right-wing following on social media. He is an unapologetic misogynist, and has claimed that date rape does not exist except as a liberal fiction. Cernovich describes himself as an “American nationalist,” and currently denies being part of the alt right, though that has not always been the case. He once tweeted: “I went from libertarian to alt right after realizing tolerance only went one way and diversity is a code for white genocide.” More recently, he rejected the term “alt right” because of its associations with white supremacists. Cernovich is known for his promotion of the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory, which propagated outrageous claims about child trafficking and culminated in Edgar Welch firing an AR-15 as he entered D.C.’s Comet Ping Pong pizzeria. He is a contributor to Alex Jones’ Infowars.

Mandel is now defending the men, and attacking the ADL for including them in the list:

is an interesting tack for Mandel to take. Posobiec and Cernovich both promoted the fake “Pizzagate” theory that claimed Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of the basement of a hip Washington, DC pizzeria. As a result of that conpsiracy, a young man shot up a pizzeria in DC while looking to save the children.

Here are a few more of Cernovich’s views that the Republican party’s Josh Mandel is “standing with”:


And Posobiec posted a video, he filmed at Auschwitz, in which he accused the ADL of acting like the Nazis.

This is what the Republican party has become. Please join us in standing up against Josh Mandel’s extremism, against the Alt Right, and for progressive Democrats like Sherrod Brown.

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