Donald Trump Jr. joins Infowars & Alt Right in defending virulent anti-Semite embraced by Trump

Donald Trump’s angry son, Don Jr., is at it again.

Don Jr. regularly weighs in on Twitter to support his dad, and today’s tweets, defending a virulent anti-Semite his father embraced, are par for the course.

You’ll recall last week that Trump tweeted a video of him beating up a fictitious CNN reporter. What wasn’t known at the time was that the video was created by a virulent anti-Semite who disseminates lists of “known Jews” in the media.

CNN’s intrepid reporters found the anti-Semite and interviewed him, but refused to publish his name as the man (he’s middle-aged) had already publicly apologized. CNN didn’t want the man to become a target for angry lefties.

Well, let no good deed go unpunished. Donald Trump Jr, fpar right Republicans, and the white supremacist Alt Right movement are up in arms over the fact that CNN found the list-making anti-Semite. As they see it, CNN violated the privacy of the man who publishes lists of known-Jews in the media. Now, how did CNN do this, since they refused to report his name? Because CNN said in their article that should the man recant his apology, they reserve the right to publish his name.

Donald Trump, Jr. speaking with supporters of his father, Donald Trump, at a campaign rally at the Sun Devil Fitness Center at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

That got Don Jr and his far-right buddies, including Ted Cruz and Infowars, in a tizzy. They’re calling it extortion — which is ironic since just last week Joe Scarborough said Donald Trump Sr. used the National Enquirer to try to extort an apology out of Scarborough and his “Morning Joe” cohost, Mika Brzezinski. Junior, Cruz and the far right weren’t terribly concerned about that extortion.

Anyway, so the far right, with Don Jr. and Ted Cruz at the lead, are now using this non-incident as an opportunity to further beat up on CNN, furthering Trump Sr.’s larger plot to undermine a free media in America.

What’s particularly interesting, however, is that Trump Jr, and the Alt Right/Infowars crowd are peddling the fake news that the middle-aged man who published the list of Jews is actually a 15 year old kid — he’s not. He’s a middle-aged man, and he’s already said that CNN didn’t threaten him. But don’t let facts get in the way of a Trump and his boorish behavior.

Alt Right leaders have now announced an advertiser boycott of CNN and protests outside the home of the young CNN reporter who broke the story. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise. CNN and the rest of the media tolerated Trump’s ongoing attacks for far too long, including continuing to attend the White House briefing after Trump banned live coverage and cameras from most of them. At some point, CNN and the rest of the real media have to start fighting back. And maybe, now that a CNN reporter is being threatened at his home, the media will wake up and take a serious stand against Trump and his attacks on a free press.

Here’s Trump Jr., Infowars and the Alt Right on Twitter peddling the lie that the virulent anti-Semite is 15 years old (assembled screen shot courtesy of Vic Berger). The first tweets are by CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski:

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