Conservative study: Trump gender pay gap is 3x Obama’s, men paid 58% more than women

An analysis by the conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute shows that the pay gap between men and women surged in the Trump White House as compared to Obama’s tenure.

Under Trump, women in the White House are paid 37% less than men, men are paid 58% more than women, and women earn 63.2 cents on the dollar compared to men. In raw terms, women earn $42,350 less than men in the Trump White House.

In the Obama White House, women were paid 10.75% less than men, and men were paid 12.3% more than women, and women earn 89.25 cents on the dollar as compared to men, according to an earlier AEI analysis. In raw terms, women earned $8,270 less than men in the Obama White House.

AEI notes that earlier news stories got this wrong, and underestimated the pay differential, because they based their analysis on average salaries rather than median salaries. You’re supposed to use median salaries, AEI says.

In the charts below, you’ll note that the median salary for women in the Trump White House is 5.8% higher than it was under Obama. (Though, Obama’s salaries started in 2009, so you’d expect them to be a bit lower.) But the median salary for men in the Trump White House is 49% higher than it was under Obama.

While women saw a median pay boost of $3,992 under Trump, men saw a median pay boost of $38, 072.

Trump White House

Obama White House

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