Chris Christie: It’s “probably against the law” to get opposition research from Russians

New Jersey governor, and former GOP presidential candidate, Chris Christie said today that “it’s probably against the law” for a political campaign to receive opposition research from a foreign country.

Christie did caveat his comments, first reported by the Associated Press, by saying that there’s no evidence as of yet that the Trump campaign received such research. Ryan Hutchins at Politico has more of Christie’s comments. They’re all over the place. It’s almost as if Christie was trying to say the truth, that this is really bad, but also trying to cover himself with Trump.

But in the end, Christie’s comments are not helpful to the Trump party line that there was nothing illegal about what Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort were doing by agreeing to meet with Russian government officials in June of 2016 in order to receive opposition research on Hillary Clinton.

By Christie’s logic, Trump Jr, Kushner and Manafort “probably” agreed to break the law.

Now, what is Chris Christie’s game? First, he has little allegiance to Trump, who dumped Christie as the lead of the Trump transition after Jared Kushner allegedly complained. Christie previously sent Kushner’s father to jail.

Which takes us to our second point, this could be Christie’s revenge best served cold. Christie may be making a dig at Kushner, by raising the possible illegality of Kushner’s actions in attending this meeting.

Of course, Trump’s own son attended the meeting as well, and responded “I love it” when told that the Russian government wanted to help Trump win the election and had information to share.

But that takes us back to point 1: Christie may no longer have much love for Trump, who dumped Christie after the New Jersey governor had risked his reputation by supporting Trump during the campaign. Who can forget Chris Christie’s hostage video from March of 2016:

Trump owed Christie, bigly. And dumped him. And today, Christie got his revenge.

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4 Responses to “Chris Christie: It’s “probably against the law” to get opposition research from Russians”

  1. NotConvinced says:

    Well I guess Christie will get frog legs for lunch when asks Donny Two Scoops for a DOJ job. Sad.

  2. mgiltz says:

    And of course there’s the simple fact that what Trump Jr and Kushner and Manafort did really WAS breaking the law. If asked specifically, what else can you say? It’s like Chief Justice Roberts on the Supreme Court — he didn’t rule in favor of ObamaCare being Constitutional because he wanted to, he did so grudgingly because there wasn’t even a fig leaf of legal reason reasoning to justify any other vote. (To soothe himself, he did it on legal grounds that are absurd but which he likes to think can bite it in the ass down the road.) Similarly, Christie gave himself a wishy washy out with that “probably.” I mean meeting with an enemy gov’t to gain dirt on your opponent in a Presidential election is probably illegal. Imagine if Obama met with Iranian contacts to get dirt on McCain.

  3. Demosthenes says:

    Christie Creme is distancing himself from Trump and throwing his nemesis Jared Kushner an anvil.

    Payback is a b-tch, Jared. I’m sure you’ll be very popular in prison.

  4. pogden297 says:

    It is against the law to receive or SOLICIT a thing of value from a foreign national. Opposition research is a thing of value. Doesn’t have to be money. The fact (supposedly) the information was not provided doesn’t prevent it from being a violation of the law.

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