Meet the courageous reporter who stood up to White House’s Sarah Huckabee yesterday

Yesterday at the White House, Atlas shrugged.

More specifically, Playboy correspondent Brian Karem told White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee where she could put her neo-fascist talking points about the free press being nothing more than “fake news.”

It was pretty glorious.

Sadly, no one else stuck up for Karem. But it was a glimmering moment of someone, anyone, in the White House press corps standing up to this administration to their face. Though many have complained on the outside, and some have raised questions inside, like CNN’s Jim Acosta, only Karem has stood up and blasted the administration to this degree from the inside with the camera’s rolling.

Huckabee outdid herself yesterday, in terms of bringing America ever-closer to 1933.  The Republicans have blasted a free media for decades, principally because the media hold Republicans responsible for their lies. The GOP learned long ago that its actual policies aren’t terribly popular with the public at large (there are only so many billionaire voters). So they lie. And while Donald Trump is the apex of the GOP culture of lies, he didn’t start it — he simply raised deception to an art form.

Of course, in Trump’s case, the lies go much further than a strategy to help the GOP lie machine. Trump comes across as a combination of ignorant, mentally unhinged and autocratic. So when Trump rails against the media it’s in part a sign of his narcissism –how dare anyone criticize me! — but more ominously, he’s also the strongman unhappy that a free society permits dissent at all. There’s a reason Trump refuses to criticize Putin, and has praised the North Korean leader and the Tiananmen Square crackdown. And it’s not because he loves freedom.

Here’s Karem standing up to Huckabee. He starts around 3:30 into the video, but watch the entire thing. It starts with Huckabee making an outrageous attack on the free press. Then Karem jumps in.

And here’s Karem talking to MSNBC afterwards:

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12 Responses to “Meet the courageous reporter who stood up to White House’s Sarah Huckabee yesterday”

  1. Zorba says:

    Cognitive dissonance is very strong in them all.

  2. WTHella says:

    You just want the media to tell you what you want to hear.

  3. brel1 says:

    Not sure how he kept his cool. Frankly, cursing would have been appropriate. Hopefully the reporters will become part of the resistance. The WH has entered into an extremely dark strategy. Reporters as enemies, how’s that going to work out for them?

  4. brel1 says:

    They have to act like intelligent grownups. Somebody has to.

  5. AL says:

    Or just announcing anything coming from him as such “We now tune into the Treasonous, scumbag, con-man for his next line of bullshit spilling out his mouth that all his braindead lapdogs will lap up without question”

  6. BestinShow says:

    given that I posted on this site, once can deduce that I go to all kinds of sites for my news. I find it interesting though that you do not. If it doesn’t fit your scenario, you assume that it is FAUX news. Instead of countering my points with corrections as to what you think I said that was wrong, you went immediately to trying to slam me. And that, my dear fellow, is why the Democrats are still losing. That’s how your whole campaign was/is run.

  7. woodroad34 says:

    As you say, “so far”–and there is still a lot of smoke around all that with lies and omissions and prevarications going on with the Trump campaign. Obama at least acted by doing a balancing act of not alarming the public, getting the republicans involved (who are the actual ones not doing anything), and not promoting Trump unnecessarily against his own party’s candidate. Trump, on the other hand, knew this was happening, did nothing about it, and lied about it happening until he was forced (as is often the case with Trump) to admit the truth and then he placed the blame elsewhere ’cause he’s that kind of big, mature boy. Don’t go around acting all “Trump is King” on this issue.

  8. BestinShow says:

    1. Russia/Trump administration collusion – so far no evidence
    2. Obama administration has already acknowledged that they were aware, and identified steps that were taken (but hid it from the public), even though most of those communicating now admit that Obama did not do enough. And, they then, and now, believe that Russia did not influence the election, so why assign blame? The blame goes to MSM for picking and choosing what they will report and what they hide. And/or making up news which they then have to retract,

  9. goulo says:

    How do Trump supporters simultaneously believe that
    1. Russia did not interfere in the US election and there is no evidence that they did
    2. Russia interfered in the US election and it’s Obama’s fault for not stopping them

  10. BestinShow says:

    Courageous ??? “we’re all just trying to do our job”….HA… you are not. You are NOT reporting the news, you are trying to reshape the narrative. You are bombarding TV/Print with stories about Russia, even though we know there is no evidence, and you are ignoring other real news. Haven’t seen anything about the Senate Judiciary Committee inquiry into former Attorney General Loretta Lynch over allegations that she interfered in the Hillary Clinton email probe. Haven’t seen much about the fact that Obama knew about Russian hacking before the election and did nothing about it. MSM ignored the fact that we now know that the Obama administration violated constitutional privacy protections. Again, Karem and his cohorts can’t believe Trump won, therefore they believe that the only way it could have happened is if it had been “fixed”, and they are bound and determined to push that narrative. The media is supposed to report the news (including having REAL sources, verifying sources, verifying facts and the media is supposed to investigate the truth, and not just help push the the Democrat agenda. Poor Karem “can’t take it anymore”. Maybe if he would just REMAIN NEUTRAL AND REPORT THE NEWS, he could start feeling better about himself by going back to what was once a noble profession.

  11. Niblet58 says:

    The media needs to just not show up for this shit anymore. Go do some real reporting instead of spreading the WH lies.

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