Trump defends Kushner with article that leaks classified information

On Twitter today, Donald Trump defended his son-in-law and top adviser, Jared Kushner, from allegations that he secretly conspired with the Russian ambassador to set up a covert communications channel that US intelligence wouldn’t be able to track.

To support his case, Trump retweeted an article based on an anonymous source leaking highly classified information to the media. Trump has railed against anonymous leaks of classified information for months, and has even reportedly suggested that journalists be jailed for publishing such leaks. But now it’s Trump who is promoting the leaks.

This past weekend, for example, Trump called such leaks “fake news,” in part because they were based on anonymous sources. The FOX story that Trump retweeted is based on one anonymous source. Read from the bottom up:

And here’s the lede of the FOX story that Trump just shared:

Then again, there’s this:

Also interesting, the FOX story says nothing about Kushner’s response to the Russians’ offer. Had Kushner expressed outrage and indignation, you’d think the Kushner-friendly source would have told that to FOX.

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13 Responses to “Trump defends Kushner with article that leaks classified information”

  1. NotConvinced says:

    I wonder if Jared could share a cell with his sister. That would make a life in prison a little easier.

  2. NotConvinced says:

    Sanctions Schmanctions, can’t a guy even talk to his Russian banker. Oy.
    – A friend of Jared’s

  3. NotConvinced says:

    A leak says that John Miller is the White House leaker.
    -Melania Trump

  4. NotConvinced says:

    What has one wobbly leg and makes no sense?
    Trumps defense.

  5. Demosthenes says:

    Trump doesn’t care what he said in the past; even if that is one minute ago. He knows his core followers will go with him no matter what he says or does, and isn’t trying to reach anyone else. So long as about 40% of America approve him (basically all Republicans and no one else), Trump knows the spineless GOP Congress will keep tolerating him.

  6. woodroad34 says:

    I’ve been reading about three sources for leaks in the White House…I’ll just bet you one of them is Trump; but he’s not going anywhere.

  7. woodroad34 says:

    NOt to mention his sister (or at least the Kushner empire) is under investigation for a pay-to-play deal with Chinese investors.

  8. Badgerite says:

    Ted Lieu also points out that a full one third of the SF86 form which Kushner was required to fill out dealt with foreign contacts. The lying on these contacts is the tell. You don’t lie about innocent contacts. It shows an intent to deceive. To deceive law enforcement, to deceive the intelligence community and to deceive the public. And these lied about contacts pervaded the trump campaign. Of course, now, if trump wants to do Putin’s bidding he just invites Kislyak to the Oval Office and spills the beans ( burns intelligence assets of foreign allies). There is no “innocent” explanation for this. None. No one in government or out of it needs to talk to Russia about “Syria” from the Russian embassy. We are not talking a hotline, which was public knowledge, to prevent a nuclear exchange or anything. What Kushner did was a clear violation of the laws of this land. There is no innocent explanation that holds water. None.

  9. MoonDragon says:

    Simply put, Mr. Trump is ignorant of the procedures and rationales upon which the security of this nation are based. If it is important for his narrative, any and all information is his to share without thought to the consequences of its revelation. Conversely, he believes in the sacrosanct nature of his and his administrations privacy, hence his outrage when leaks expose in his policies or internal operations of his staff, regardless of the classification level. “Le etat ces’t moi.”

  10. Quilla says:

    Kindergarten kids can keep secrets better than dolt45.

    I know a few who would make a better President, too.

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