Trump blames Obama for Gen. Flynn hire, when Obama told Trump not to hire Flynn

Donald Trump lied again today. Which isn’t news in and of itself. It’s simply evidence that Trump is still breathing. But what is news is that Trump is now trying to blame President Obama for Trump having hired Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser, even though Obama told Trump not to hire him.

All of this comes under the backdrop of former Obama DOJ deputy, Sally Yates, testifying before the US Senate about how she warned the Trump White House that Flynn was lying about his Russia contacts, and that Flynn was therefore susceptible to blackmail.

In response, the Trump fired Yates.

Now this morning via MSNBC we find out that President Obama himself told Trump, during their Oval Office meeting only a few days after the election, not to hire Flynn. Trump hired Flynn anyway.

But this morning, Trump is all “Obama made me do it.”

Yes Flynn was given a top security clearance. Then he was fired. Then Trump hired him anyway. Then, when Trump was warned by Sally Yates that Flynn was lying about his Russia contacts, Trump fired Yates instead.

As counterterrorism expert Clint Watts noted this morning on MSNBC, why is it that everyone else who has investigated Sally Yates’ claims about Flynn and Russia has found them to be credible, yet when Team Trump “investigated” them, they found nothing?

Either Trump didn’t vet Flynn, or he did and he didn’t care. Remember, Flynn’s creepy Turkey and Russia dealings were after he was fired by Obama while he was working for Trump. This happened under Trump’s nose.

The Trump White House has issued the following statement in response to the news that Obama told Trump to fire Flynn:

As national security lawyers have noted, the President doesn’t get to just yank the security clearances of people he doesn’t like.

But the larger problem for Trump is that he’s asking us to believe two things at the same time: That Trump both trusted and distrusted Trump’s vetting of Michael Flynn. Trump trusted the vetting three years ago when Flynn was head of DIA, but then didn’t trust the vetting when Obama fired Flynn and when Obama warned Trump not to hire Flynn.

In other words, Trump did what he wanted to do, regardless of anything President Obama said or did. The big question is still why Team Trump didn’t vet Flynn, and/or whether they did vet Flynn and simply didn’t care.

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