Republicans twice as likely to find interracial marriage “bad”

PEW Research Center has a new poll on interracial marriage that shows Republicans are twice as likely as Democrats to find interracial marriage “a bad thing.”

12% of Republicans found it a bad thing, while 6% of Democrats felt the same.

Just as interesting, 49% of Democrats found interracial marriage “a good thing,” while only 28% of Republicans felt the same.

The middle option was “doesn’t make much difference.”

Overall, the national numbers were pretty good, with only between 3% and 18% finding it “bad.” (Interestingly, the worst numbers, the highest “bad”  numbers, were among blacks: 18%).

PEW poll interracial marriage

A few things about polls. Perhaps it’s because I’m gay, but I’m used to polls showing one-third of the country thinking I’m an abomination. So the notion that “only” 3% to 18% haver a problem with interracial marriage sounds like a victory to me. We live in a kooky country, where are a lot of people believe some wacky stuff.

PPP polling has some great numbers:

– 6% think bin Laden is alive.
– 21% think a UFO crashed in Roswell.
– 20% believe in a link between vaccines and autism.
– 7% think the moon landing was faked.
– 13% think Obama is the anti-Christ.
– 9% think the government adds fluoride to our water for “sinister” reasons.
– 4% of voters say they believe “lizard people” control our societies by gaining political power.
– 5% believe in chemtrails.
– 5% believe that Paul McCartney actually died in 1966.

You get the idea. So the whole 3% to 18% range is pure wingnut territory. Once your numbers get that low, you’ve basically won.

Also, the numbers are getting better in even the past few years:

PEW poll interracial marriage

Having said all of that, back in 2011, 46% of Mississippi Republicans thought interracial marriage should be illegal. So it’s possible, and likely, that the crazy vote is concentrated in certain states and certain parties — cough! — and therefore still have disproportionate power.

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4 Responses to “Republicans twice as likely to find interracial marriage “bad””

  1. Nelson Kerr says:

    To me the encouraging number were those that did not think it made a difference. When a what was a fiery discussion and argument become irrelevant that is a good thing,

  2. sword says:

    “Inter-racial”…didn’t they mean “inter-faith”? I know Baptists who still believe Catholics are “Satan’s spawn”.

  3. Zorba says:

    I wonder, keirmeister. My best friend is a black woman married to a white man, and she certainly would not feel this way.
    On the other hand, she, her husband, and her kids (who are now grown and on their own) certainly got some sh!t at times, not just from white people, but from black people as well.

  4. keirmeister says:

    “Interestingly, the worst numbers, the highest “bad” numbers, were among blacks: 18%”

    As a black male, growing up in a black culture and now married to a white woman, the results are interesting…but not surprising.

    Actually, I would be interested to see how that 18% broke down between black men and women. I have a hunch black women be the higher number.

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