Notre Dame grads walk out of VP Pence’s commencement speech

A large group of graduates walked out of Vice President Mike Pence’s commencement speech today at Notre Dame University.

Pence’s politics is extreme religious right, which includes being a virulent homophobia.

While Pence is far slicker than Trump — Pence is an experienced, polished politician — his politics are pure Jerry Falwell.

So it’s perhaps not surprising that young people, even at a Catholic school like Notre Dame, have little stomach for Pence’s politics.

Also, as an interesting aside, Pence has been trying to immunize himself against Donald Trump’s latest controversies. For example, Pence claims he had no idea that Mike Flynn was under investigation for not registering as a lobbyist for Turkey. In fact, Flynn says he told the transition about the investigation, and Pence as running the transition. It’s difficult to believe that no one told Pence.

Here’s the video of the Notre Dame students walking out:

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8 Responses to “Notre Dame grads walk out of VP Pence’s commencement speech”

  1. Duke Woolworth says:

    Obviously the Jesuit group.

  2. woodroad34 says:

    It doesn’t make a difference–I was just curious; but the impression of a spontaneous gagging seems to me more potent than something that was planned. Good for them either way.

  3. Badgerite says:

    Even Notre Dame. Wow.

  4. Houndentenor says:

    But they were fine when people were rude to Obama and other Democrats. It’s only when it happens to them that they object. They had a right to leave and they didn’t scream or riot in doing so. They did it silently and decidedly and have every right to do so.

  5. d3clark says:

    Commencement speakers are usually announced months in advance. When Pence agreed to speak, campus groups, students, faculty and others protested. So, yes, they knew he was coming.
    Does it make a difference if the demonstration was planned or spontaneous? They didn’t like what Pence was saying about LGBTQs so they turned their backs on him and walked out.

  6. woodroad34 says:

    They must have known he was going to be there. I’m assuming this was a planned protest rather than people and guests thinking “alright, this is as much as I can take”?

  7. Denise says:

    Am proud of them.They know what a christian is and isn’t.

  8. keirmeister says:

    Good for them. The Right and Fox News will call this an OUTRAGEOUS ACT! but it’s clear the time for decorum and sitting quietly, while domestic enemies threaten our country, are over.

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