No girls allowed: New Senate GOP health care caucus is all white men

There are five women in the US Senate Republican caucus.

But you wouldn’t know it by looking at the make-up of the new GOP health care working group, responsible for coming up with the Senate’s Obamacare repeal bill.

The entire group of 13 Senators is white men.

Look forward to some really progressive views on women’s health care. But hey, at least Viagra and prostate cancer will be covered.

There’s also an African-American Republican Senator as well, Tim Scott of South Carolina. They didn’t bother putting him on the working group either.

gop health care caucus

This is why people should remain on guard about what the Senate does next. Don’t believe for a moment that the GOP Senate is less crazy than the GOP House. The Senate has just as many crazy “free market” schemes to decimate health care as the Paul Ryan and his House colleagues. And clearly, these guys couldn’t care less about the impact of any changes they make on the health and well-being of women or minorities.

The good news is that people are still acting up, and raising hell at the few remaining townhalls that Republican members of Congress are holding. (Most GOP House members have canceled their townhalls, rather than face constituents.)

Even better, Democratic members of Congress are now holding townhall meetings in the congressional districts of Republican member of Congress who refuse to hold a constituent meeting.

So the anger is growing and the Resistance remains strong. All of which is great news. I spent five years working as a legislative counsel to a US Senator. And I can assure you, the one way to get their attention is an angry constituent. They HATE it. And while one angry constituent they can write off as a loon, a never-ending stream of angry constituents worries them, a lot.

So rest assured that these angry townhalls, and more generally, constituents publicly confronting their members of Congress is working. That doesn’t mean we’ve won this battle, hardly. But I think it’s important that folks realize that we/you are doing exactly what you need to be doing to make a difference on this issue. Keep up the pressure. It’s working.

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