I’m with Lawrence O’Donnell — add your name

Longtime MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell is in danger of losing his show when his contract ends in early June.

Show your public support for Lawrence and his show — add your name to the petition and tell MSNBC that you’re with Lawrence.

While contract negotiations have finally begun (very late, which is a bad sign), NBC employees have said the network wants Lawrence gone because he criticizes Donald Trump too much. Specifically, the network was concerned that Lawrence has called Donald Trump a liar. More from Showbiz411:


Donald Trump is a liar. And Lawrence O’Donnell has one of the top rated shows on cable television, only surpassed by Rachel Maddow herself. Lawrence speaks truth to power, and I’m sure Donald Trump isn’t a fan. But that’s not the point. Now more than ever, we need media who are willing to stand up to Trump and his growing kleptocracy.

I’ve been asked how you can send a personal message of support to Lawrence, but what he needs now is public support. MSNBC needs to see and hear that Lawrence O’Donnell and his top-rated show have our support.

Add your name to the petition below, and show Lawrence and NBC execs that you’re with Lawrence.

(Lawrence O’Donnell photo by Er-nay.)

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13 Responses to “I’m with Lawrence O’Donnell — add your name”

  1. beeswax says:

    We need a free press, not a house organ for the government. If the president is a LIAR and a CROOK, we can’t punish the people who tell the truth for using the words “liar” and “crook.”

    In addition to signing this petition I also wrote a letter to NBC exec, Comcast toady, and Trump apparatchik Andrew Lack at

    [email protected]

  2. Lauriehl says:

    Absofuckinglutely. Lawrence O’Donnell is one of the few bright spots on contemporary television. Keep him shining through.

  3. Gloriarwebb says:

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  4. Fallon Aspidistra says:

    Lawrence O’Donnell is by far one of the most intelligent news commentators on television. I am totally impressed how much knowledge he brings from his working experience in Congress. He is eloquent, compassionate, a good listener, and a teacher to “Everyman” – that is, every one. He gives great historical perspective in his stories that everyone can learn from regardless of age, status, or what side of the aisle they are on.
    In addition, he is an huge advocate for the K.I.N.D. Fund, which provides desks and support for children in Malawi to help with their education. He offers a perspective that no one else offers on TV today, and to lose him at 10 pm would be devastating. To put it mildly, Lawrence O’Donnell is a National Treasure in Television News.

  5. liberal123 says:

    I like Lawrence. MSNBC !!! Give him a renewal on his contract !!!

  6. rhonu says:

    I depend on Lawrence to give it straight. I work, pay taxes and I count and I matter. I’m tired of the media coddling the ‘left behind, the forgotten, the true patriots, the real working class folks or whatever they call themselves today to make themselves feel like they are better than the rest of the country”. So he needs to stay on…that’s my thinking.

  7. Wendye Kolles says:

    I’m with Lawrence O’Donnell. He’s a man of integrity and courage (traits that Trump doesn’t know anything about). We need people like Lawrence to stand up to Trump. God bless you Lawrence!

  8. Kelleyahilton says:

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  9. billbear1961 says:

    Lawrence O’Donnell speaks truth to power.

    More than ever that is needed.

    If his show is cancelled, I will boycott both MSNBC and NBC.

  10. Lisa Scharin says:

    Yes! I agree! I love watching the lineup inn MSNBC-PLEASE keep Lawrence O’Donnell’s show among them!

  11. AdmNaismith says:

    MSNBC fired Phil Donohue at the height of his post ‘Donohue’ powers, all to appease a stupid and petulant man-child elected president on a pack of lies. If they want to commit the same mistakes over and over- let them.
    Considering the best of cable news still only has a 50% accuracy rating, anyway, what are we losing?

  12. eebaltimore says:

    Please, please, please keep Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC. The network is doing a wonderful job on every show to keep us posted on all of the latest political news. Thank you for that! The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell is one of my 3 favorites, and I never miss any of them: Hardball, the Rachel Maddow Show, and The Last Word. Yes, Lawrence is outspoken about President Trump, as he should be!!! He is one of the truth-tellers in the cable media! I would be very angry with MSNBC/NBC if they did not renew his show, believe me!

  13. pollysi says:

    You can also send an email to: [email protected]
    When I called Comcast (NBC’s owner) to complain, I was told that this email had been opened up because they had too many calls to process.

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