Trump Jr. and Kellyanne Conway promote conspiracist who says Syria gas attack is a hoax

Donald Trump Jr. and senior Trump White House adviser Kellyanne Conway this week promoted a far-right leader who is claiming that the Syrian chemical weapons attack is a hoax perpetrated by the American government.

The man, Mike Cernovich, is a conspiracy theorists who is popular among the Alt Right white supremacist movement.


Mike Cernovich, via YouTube.

Among other conspiracy theories, Cernovich was a recent proponent of PizzaGate — the false claim that Hillary Clinton, her chief of staff John Podesta, and others were running a child prostitution ring out of a series of pizza parlors in DC. An adherent of that theory recent shot up a pizza restaurant in Washington, DC, in search of “the children.”

Still, Cernovich’s toxicity hasn’t been enough to force either Trump’s son Don Jr. — who has previously promoted Alt Right memes — or top aide Kellyanne Conway, from pandering to Cernovich.

First, here’s Conway promoting Cernovich’s blog three days ago.

And here a day later is Donald Trump Jr. outright praising Cernovich journalism — the man is a conspiracy theorist — as exemplary.

Then Cernovich concocts a new conspiracy theory that the American government “deep state” was behind the chemical weapons attack in Syria:


Liam Stack at the NYT has a short profile on Mike Cernovich.

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22 Responses to “Trump Jr. and Kellyanne Conway promote conspiracist who says Syria gas attack is a hoax”

  1. Ми же целог света славни says:

    I bet Mikey Cernovich has a smaller peepee than Milo, but at least it gets stiff now and then — quite unlike Giannopoulos’ one, which is just a useless limp appendage.

  2. glynnis bugati says:

    I am skeptical too. Cernovich may be due a Broken Clock Award.

    Otherwise this admin is telling the truth for the very first time. Right.

    Remember the little Kuwaiti babies ripped from their incubators and thrown to the floor because Saddam needed them in Baghdad. (Who knows why??)

    Total BS and the media whipped it into a frenzy to get their war on.

    They love Republican wars more than the circuit cocktail wienies.

    They were delirious over Colin Powell’s phony bottle of anthrax and cartoon missile trucks..

    Democratic wars, however are always the biggest blunder ever, never the right thing (too much, too little, too soon, too late – doesn’t matter).

    “Exit Strategy” is immediately demanded and the media and the wingnut hissy fit rolls on, like the last time there was a public gas attack in Syria in 2013.

    Obama killed bin Laden. He didn’t kill him good enough.

  3. Vacuous Virgina says:

    Excuse me stewardess, I speak jive ????????????

  4. pat tolle says:

    @Andres Rives- If there was no gas attack, there was no need to spend several million dollars on a cruise missile response then was there?

  5. ComradeRutherford says:

    “Donald Trump Jr. and senior Trump White House adviser Kellyanne Conway this week promoted … Mike Cernovich, a conspiracy theorists who is popular among the Alt Right white supremacist movement.”

    The White House is ALL ABOUT White Supremacy.

  6. Moderator3 says:

    Would you care to repost that in English?

  7. Andres Rives says:


  8. DanfromMaine says:

    He’s a quack like the rest of you douchebags. This was done by Assad against his own people and you won’t it’s are looking under the bed for the boogie man.

  9. Asper Rated says:

    He’s the (un) American Yiannopoulos and loving every minute of it.
    Another man child loving any and all attention even if it proves him to be a despicable person.
    His successes are our time wastes reacting to this most modern of creations; the deplorable troll and proud liar.

  10. Jaycephus says:

    After seeing all the proven fakeness of the “white helmets” in Syria in the past months, such as a guy trapped in rubble and losing his legs, taking a selfie with his friends while standing up just fine, still in ‘makeup’, I just saw a video from the ‘gas’ attack where a supposedly-dead girl in the same pale make-up opened her eyes. Then we see pictures of first responders to the ‘gas’ attack not even wearing basic latex gloves, nevermind the full chemical suits required for handling Sarin gas attack victims. Those first responders would be dead if this was Sarin gas. On top of this, an anti-Assad journalist tweeted about the gas attack 24 hours ahead of time.

    But this article is right up there with the worst of the hoax articles by trying to say with its title that Cernovich is being supported by Conway and Trump because of his opinion on the gas attack, as opposed to his very legitimate scoop on the Susan Rice Watergate-level scandal, along with using the tired slur that someone is a “conspiratist,” when we have actual conspiracies being revealed via Wikileaks. SMH.

    It is perfectly reasonable to observe that Assad was winning and pulling ahead, and ONLY his opponents, who have repeatedly used fakery in a propaganda war in the very recent past, have anything to gain from this gas attack, which in itself had no useful military effect. The obvious negative effect is now self-evident, but it was also easily predictable. It makes zero sense from Assad’s perspective. The only question in my opinion was whether this was pulled off by anti-Assad forces alone, or did they have help, and from whom.

  11. 9eyedeel says:

    this is a low-quality hoax of an article, itself…. Cernovich produces better material than this piece

  12. z3r0.c001 says:

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  13. woodroad34 says:

    Being the cynic that I am, like Saddam Hussein having yellow cake uranium (and, thus, the Middle East War begins for oil wells), I’m sort of thinking that Trump had no where to go with his rants and fears about the Russian connections to him and his team, that he had to attack an ally of Russia to prove that he’s not a wuss and traitor. I keep hearing “SQUIRREL!” ringing in my ears.

  14. Newg0d says:

    Or the whole conspiracy theory is hoax and jr and conway never said that at all! Sounds like bs to me…

  15. goulo says:

    Given that president Trump has condemned the Syria gas attack, this is weird to see several people close to Trump, including his quasi-spokesperson Conway, embracing a conspiracy theory that the gas attack did not even happen!

    I wonder whether:

    1. Trump Jr and Conway thinks that president Trump is a gullible moron like the rest of the people who don’t believe the conspiracy theory
    2. Trump Jr and Conway think that president Trump is actually part of the alleged conspiracy… perhaps even its evil mastermind!

    And will Trump Sr now change his tune after condemning the gas attack and now claim that it did not really happen because he read some alt-right news report saying that it did not really happen? (Sort of similar to how he used to say Obama should stay out of Syria, and now says that Obama was wrong to stay out of Syria… what he said in the past has no relevance for him in what he says in the present…)

  16. Joshua Scott says:

    Not a big fan of Cernovich myself, but I have to say he’s right about this one.

  17. joe bloe says:

    Terrible article btw. I think Cernovich has more credibility than this very fake news blog post.

  18. Andres Rives says:

    There was no gas attack. Of Course. USA – is ALL LIES ALL THE TIME – every single war has been based on lies – the Maine, Tonkin Gulf, etc, etc. ZERO credibility.

  19. Craig says:

    That Cernovich dude is an idiot!

  20. CanadianinBC says:

    In-f”ing-credible! Trump junior is even thicker than his dad, and Lord only knows what Kellyanne has to keep her ears apart!

  21. Zentech says:

    This Cernovich clown seems like a pied piper. These stories float out of his ass and simple idiots follow. Our so-called leaders who are temporarily in charge of America are probably disappointed that Dr Suess wasn’t able to run the Health and Human Services Dept.

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