Trump Jr. and Kellyanne Conway promote conspiracist who says Syria gas attack is a hoax

Donald Trump Jr. and senior Trump White House adviser Kellyanne Conway this week promoted a far-right leader who is claiming that the Syrian chemical weapons attack is a hoax perpetrated by the American government.

The man, Mike Cernovich, is a conspiracy theorists who is popular among the Alt Right white supremacist movement.


Mike Cernovich, via YouTube.

Among other conspiracy theories, Cernovich was a recent proponent of PizzaGate — the false claim that Hillary Clinton, her chief of staff John Podesta, and others were running a child prostitution ring out of a series of pizza parlors in DC. An adherent of that theory recent shot up a pizza restaurant in Washington, DC, in search of “the children.”

Still, Cernovich’s toxicity hasn’t been enough to force either Trump’s son Don Jr. — who has previously promoted Alt Right memes — or top aide Kellyanne Conway, from pandering to Cernovich.

First, here’s Conway promoting Cernovich’s blog three days ago.

And here a day later is Donald Trump Jr. outright praising Cernovich journalism — the man is a conspiracy theorist — as exemplary.

Then Cernovich concocts a new conspiracy theory that the American government “deep state” was behind the chemical weapons attack in Syria:


Liam Stack at the NYT has a short profile on Mike Cernovich.

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