Lurid Trump dossier used to get FISA warrant on Carter Page. Why weren’t we told?

CNN is reporting that last year’s lurid dossier about Donald Trump — the one written by the former British spy — was successfully used by the FBI in order to get a FISA warrant to eavesdrop on former Trump foreign policy aide Carter Page.

Please add your name to those urging Congress to appoint a special counsel to investigate Russia’s interference in our election.

This means that before the election, the FBI had verified enough of the anti-Trump dossier to concern a judge sufficiently that he issued the warrant.

Why weren’t any of us informed? Didn’t we have the right to know that there was probable cause that a top Trump foreign policy aide (per Trump’s own words) “was acting as an agent of a foreign power, including possibly engaging in clandestine intelligence gathering for a foreign government”?

Yet the fact that the FBI was investigating Hillary for an email server, and that they were investigating her again only days before the election — only to have both investigations turns up bupkis — was national news up until election day.

This is really bad. Trump may not have won the election if the public knew the degree to which he and his staff were intertwined with Russia. From Page to Manafort to Flynn and beyond, there’s smoke and smoke and smoke. And now we learn that the FBI and a judge found probable cause that Trump hired a man who was secretly working with the Russians.

We had the right to know this before the election.

Please add your name to those urging Congress to appoint a special counsel to investigate Russia’s interference in our election.

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24 Responses to “Lurid Trump dossier used to get FISA warrant on Carter Page. Why weren’t we told?”

  1. John Bracken says:

    Are you out of your skull? Where’s the evidence? This is going on a year or so and thus far there’s nothing. The only possible criminal activity was the un-masking for political espionage. Chucky Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and many others met often with the Russian’s. Hillary received kickbacks for selling out our uranium reserves to the Ruskies. Bill got $600,000 for a speech during that period. How do these real criminal’s get away with this? It’s because of people like yourself hell bent on distortion.
    We were told. We found Podesta was hiring goon squads to break Republican heads. We found that the Dems were receiving questions ahead of the debates afforded by their Opposition Media buddies.I could go on forever but it’s a useless endeavor.

  2. gustave courbet says:

    The bar is receiving a FISA warrant is notoriously low.

  3. Pete Bernardin says:

    How the Democrats Created the Fake Russian Collusion Story with Alinsky’s Tactics! Susan Rice et al. EXTRACTED a mountain of Classified, but irrelevant data that they leaked to the Press in support of their Fake Russian Narrative: Carter Page talked to Boris Badinov on such and such at date; Paul Manafort met with Natasha at Starbucks on Wednesday; Roger Stone visited Khrushchev’s daughter in Berlin last Summer, Kushner imbibed Black Russians on Friday, Trump used Russian Salad Dressing last Fall, etc. This massive Trump “COLLUSION” was leaked to the Press over a 9 month period leading up to Nov 8th. The most massive leaking happened about Oct 31st, just before the election and immediately after Trump’s inauguration (Jan 20th). The former was to hi-jack the election, the latter was to de-legitimize Trump and Impeach him. Hillary of course was to be our Savior from Putin!

  4. Pete Bernardin says:

    This article was Total BS!
    Obama, Hillary, the Federal Surveillance Agencies and MSM were all COLLUDING with each other to steal our Democracy this election. They still are. Although unmasking is not new, Obama was just FAR more diabolical than anyone else in how he used it. The true targets of his spying were in FACT the Americans NOT the Russians. He used this Classified intelligence to create his now famous Fake Russian narrative, and to make Flynn resign and to make Sessions recuse himself. It was one of Obama’s most effective Political weapons during his career. I predict he and his administration will have a lot of explaining to do in the upcoming months.

  5. Lenarbeach says:

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  6. Randy Riddle says:

    I recently went back and watched the original full-evening news coverage of Nixon’s resignation from ABC, CBS and (partially) NBC. The thing I kept hearing from the Capitol Hill reporters was that there was “no appetite” for punishing Nixon beyond his resignation – that was “punishment enough”. Reporters only quoted a few Democratic members of Congress that were wanting to go further than that.

    If the Dems had kept up the pressure, perhaps Ford would have found it politically difficult to issue the pardon.

    That’s the big lesson of Watergate. When corruption and lawbreaking in the highest office of the land goes unpunished, it can simply be ignored with a shrug.

  7. rabblerouzzer says:

    I agree, to a certain extent. Yes, Dems controlled both houses of Congress at the time Nixon resigned. But by resigning, Ford became POTUS, and I don’t think there is a framework for Congress overturning a Presidential pardon. By all means, correct me if I’m wrong. To our detriment, the Dems chose to believe Nixon was an anomaly, and for the next 30 years looked past the increasingly blatant criminality of the GOP. This time, however, I bet someone does prison time, bigly. Happy trails!

  8. Badgerite says:

    Ah. Point taken.

  9. Randy Riddle says:

    I think my point is that by widely announcing the investigation was in progress, it might have cut short the possibility of not only prosecuting Trump and his cronies, but key figures in the RNC leadership as well.

  10. Badgerite says:

    Bingo. It is positively Freudian.

  11. Badgerite says:

    No. There is no way this happened without the collusion of the RNC. They knew this and kept it hidden. Because it was going to benefit them. And only for that reason,
    It is quite disgusting. Party over country every time with them.

  12. Demosthenes says:

    Thanks for your excellent rebuttal, and insight!

  13. Randy Riddle says:

    I’m willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt on this one – he was really in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” position.

    Obama and key figures in the administration, at the time, really had no way of knowing what the public reaction would have been and how it might have impacted the election. It might have driven out the hard-right Obama conspiracy crowd even more than it did to vote for Trump. And, by revealing the investigation, it might have prevented gathering of the information necessary to prove the charges.

    Before this is over, I have the feeling that some prominent GOP Congressional figures will be drawn into it. There’s no way any of this happened without the collusion of the RNC. Ultimately, that aspect of the scandal is more significant and important that the corruption of Trump and his cronies or the outcome of the election.

  14. Randy Riddle says:

    I really think this goes back to Nixon. If he had been prosecuted and not given a pardon, it would have set an example that the American people just don’t put up with this corrupt shit. The basis for a lot of the GOP’s corruption – Karl Rove, Cheney, etc – goes directly back to the Nixon administration.

  15. Demosthenes says:

    An excellent piece, John. As much as I like and admire President Obama, he took the high road far too much. Mitch McConnell, a soulless reptile, wouldn’t have hesitated to use the fact that Trump’s campaign was under such scrutiny if Trump were a Democrat. If this had been released, our country wouldn’t have this traitorous buffoon as “president”, and Trump GOP “justice” “not Garland” on our highest court.

  16. rabblerouzzer says:

    Almost a coup? Only almost? Now there’s news that the CalExit movement was started by a Russian agent and bankrolled by the Kremlin to further divide the nation by trying to stir up liberal California to leave the union. It didn’t work, so he sent out a press release that he is applying for Russian citizenship because life is so much better in Moscow. One of the people subject to the FISA warrants, Boris Epshteyn, is reported to have current ties to Russian intelligence, and he had a job in the White House until recently! It was a bloodless coup until #45 started ordering Seal team raids in Yemen and hurling tomahawk missiles at Syria (also good for his financial bottom line since he owns a piece of Raytheon, who makes the missiles.)
    A dictionary defines a coup as “a sudden and decisive action in politics, especially one resulting in a change of government illegally or by force.” I believe the election of 2016 was that and more.

  17. rabblerouzzer says:

    Bill Palmer’s Palmer Report has some very interesting reporting on just how crooked to the core is the Dumpster cabal, including Ryan and McTurtle caught on tape. If true, we can make it a clean sweep and make examples of them all! IMHO, this is what happens when we don’t prosecute criminal politicians (I’m lookin’ at you, Cheney and you, Shrub) under the guise of wanting to “look forward, not back.” This kind of underhanded shit won’t stop until several folks, including some well-heeled ones, go to jail for a very long time.

  18. D S says:

    You’re not actually serious that you want law enforcement to publicly announce who they are wiretapping? If you are, you really should consider the investigative implications of what you’re advocating and how publicizing wiretaps could impede criminal investigations.

  19. 1nancy2 says:

    Correct. He’s a phony and a sham president. The sooner he goes to court, the better. I want him Out Now.

  20. woodroad34 says:

    Does this, then, fit into impeachment? Is this one more…or maybe the first concrete…instrument for articles of impeachment?

  21. brel1 says:

    The opposite of everything Trump has said is the truth. He said the Democrats were rigging the election. He called Hillary crooked. He didn’t know Putin. He is the crooked jerk who rigged the election with his friend Putin.

  22. It really does. That dossier was real enough to convince a federal judge to approve a wiretap. How could they not tell us before the election?

  23. woodroad34 says:

    This brings the phrase “illegitimate president” closer to an actual reality. It’s almost a coup.

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