28% of Trump’s Twitter followers are eggs

28% of Donald Trump’s Twitter followers are eggs, according to an analysis from Bloomberg.

In Twitter parlance, an egg is trouble. Sometimes a bot, usually a troll, eggs tends to be people who didn’t bother taking the time to even upload a photo in their profile, often because they’re so busy creating fake profiles, it’s just not worth their time.

Eggs were such bad news that Twitter recently changed its default avatar from an egg to, well, something that harkens to an adult toy.

Bloomberg also found that of Trump’s 10 “most-engaged” Twitter followers over the past 30 days, five were robots and three appear to be robots. That would make 80% of Trump’s top ten followers fake.

And they report that Trump’s biggest Twitter fan also appears to be fake.

Now, everyone on Twitter has fake followers and bots. Still, Trump likes to brag, and may actually believe, that he reaches up to 100 million real people directly via social media. He’s said as much. So, the question of just how many followers Trump has — and what country they reside in, is a valid one.

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9 Responses to “28% of Trump’s Twitter followers are eggs”

  1. Al Swearengen says:

    Trump’s Twitter feed is just about useless with all the idiots on both sides who post the same 15 damn image tweets in a row on every f*cking thing the idiot says.

  2. Southeast PDXer says:

    Yes, but you can taunt him without following him. During the marriage equality blitz, I added a list and called it “Bigots”. Then I added NOM, etc to that list. I didn’t have to subscribe to them, but I saw their tweets. :)

  3. missbike says:

    Out of the real followers, how many joined Twitter just to heap abuse on Trump? Tweeting anger and snark at him is a veritable national pastime. So, plenty of human followers are not fans!

  4. Badgerite says:

    Alleged and Fake are words that always come to mind with regard to the current occupant of the WH.
    What else is new?

  5. Demosthenes says:


  6. Demosthenes says:

    How many of Trump’s “eggs” post in Russian?

  7. Latinos for Trump says:

    Check obamas tweeter, or the clintons, you’ll find out 98 % are snowflakes trolls

  8. BearEyes says:


  9. UncleBucky says:

    I egg spected that.

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