Trump demands House Intel Committee investigate Hillary over fake conspiracy theory

Sounding increasingly like a third-world despot, Donald Trump moments ago called on the House Intelligence Committee to investigate a debunked conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton.

There are a few important points here:

1. American electoral victors don’t launch fake investigations to destroy their political opponents who lost.

2. Trump is asking for an investigation of a debunked conspiracy theory about Hillary allegedly selling uranium to Russia. It’s false. According to all the fact checkers.

3. Trump’s tweet is quite telling about his state of mind. The Senate Intelligence Committee just announced that it wants Trump’s son-in-law, and now new White House employee, Jared Kushner to testify about his secret meeting with the head of a Russian bank on the US sanctions list.

The NYT just reported, via CNN, that while Kushner claimed the meeting was a simple meet-and-greet on behalf of the Trump transition, the Russians just told the Times that the meeting was a substantive business meeting about the Kushner family business.

Not only is this bank under US sanctions, but the man who met Kushner was educated at the FSB academy in Russia (aka, the modern KGB academy).

I suspect Trump is freaked about the announcement that the Senate committee is now investigating Kushner. And, since Trump doesn’t trust the Senate committee, but knows he can count on House Intel chair Devin Nunes to always do his dirty work, Trump is calling on the House committee to help deflect attention away from Kushner, away from Russia, and at the same time try to smear a political opponent, third-world despot style.

Also, this has the added advantage of being an “I’m not a puppet, you’re a puppet!” moment for Trump. Trump is trying to claim that Hillary was the Russian spy. In fact, Vladimir Putin hated, and still hates, Hillary’s guts, which is why Putin worked to throw the US election for Trump. If Hillary were such a Russian stooge then why is Trump the only candidate who was willing to hand US foreign policy over to the Russians?

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