Trump to Comey: You lie!

A Trump White House spokesperson said today that Donald Trump thinks FBI Director James Comey is a liar.

The revelation came from deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that Donald Trump did not believe his FBI Director’s claims that President Obama ordered Trump Tower wiretapped.

Comey understandably wanted to speak out about Trump’s factless claims, as the claims indict both Comey and the FBI, who would have overseen any illegal spying that would have taken place.

Now, it’s not surprising that Trump wouldn’t believe Comey. Trump doesn’t believe anything or anyone that contradicts him. This does, however, put Comey in a difficult position, as he ultimately needs to defend his agents and agency against a president alleging criminality.

Mind you, Trump has still offered no evidence to back his outrageous claim. All he can find are a few news reports, from months ago, claiming that the FISA court approved at least one warrant to investigate Russia and the election. We don’t know if the story is true, and if it were, we don’t know if the target was even an American — the warrant could be to tap Russian government and business entities. Then the question would arise as to why Trump’s campaign was liaising with those Russian entities, and hiding it.

Keep in mind that what opened up this can of worms in the first place was Trump and his team lying repeatedly — over 20 times in fact — about their contacts with the Russian government and its allies. Those lies included the possible perjury of Trump attorney general Jeff Sessions. So Team Trump has no one to blame here but themselves. If they were so innocent, why do they keep lying?

There’s another problem for Trump. He’s trying to garner sympathy and stoke outrage by claiming that a US court may have found probable cause that he’s guilty of espionage against the United States. That’s not the kind of thing a politician normally crows about.

So, Team Trump is treading dangerously here.

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13 Responses to “Trump to Comey: You lie!”

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  3. Zorba says:

    Yes, well, I can’t stand to watch him, either, and I won’t. I won’t watch TV news.
    I can barely stand to read about what he has said and done on news sties (and I’m not talking about the right-wing news sites). But we have to know what Trumplethinskin is up to, after all.

  4. Badgerite says:

    Hard to believe. I can’t even stand to watch the guy with the sound off.
    Everything about him gives me the creeps. Everything.

  5. rmthunter says:

    Thank you — that jumped out at me, too.

  6. KarenAllen11 says:

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  7. Zorba says:

    And almost 63 million American voters voted for Trump.
    63 million idiots.

  8. goulo says:

    > Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that Donald Trump did not believe his FBI Director’s claims that President Obama ordered Trump Tower wiretapped.

    That sentence seems to be misedited; do you mean “…Obama DID NOT order Trump Tower wiretapped”? I.e.:

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that Donald Trump did not believe his FBI Director’s claims that President Obama DID NOT order Trump Tower wiretapped.


  9. Quilla says:

    America doesn’t have time for this bullshit.

    Always said, the Republicans don’t know how to govern and the Democrats don’t want to.

    Let’s all become Canadians…

  10. You can goldplate that triple-wide all you want, Trump.

    You continually prove to be a white-trash gilded gelding – like a Palin that grew up with money.

    Sadly, it’s more Trig than the others.

  11. Badgerite says:

    Having failed to actually find anything to “lock HER up” with, he now promises there is something to “lock him up” and “lock them up” with. ” Him” being President Obama. And “them” being Comey, the FBI and the FISA court. Yeah, this doesn’t make President Loco and his cohorts look guilty at all.
    All of those ‘loose end’ Russian diplomats and go betweens dying off suddenly? Yeah, no reason to investigate. A few ‘heart attacks’ with head trauma here. A few arrests there. Problem solved.

  12. Badgerite says:

    trump = nuts.

  13. brel1 says:

    Trump is a failure. And he is making the country fail. The Republicans are failing as well unless they put this fire out now they are going to burn with it. Trump = FAILURE.

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