Trump budget director: It’s “compassionate” to cut Meals on Wheels for elderly, vets

Donald Trump’s budget director Mick Mulvaney defended Trump’s proposed cuts to Meals on Wheels by arguing that such cuts were actually “compassionate” because it saves money for people who pay for Meals on Wheels out of their taxes.

Of course, the cuts also take food away from the elderly and military veterans. In 2016, Meals on Wheels delivered food to 2.5 million seniors and 500,000 military veterans.

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Those funds are now in danger. And Donald Trump thinks this is actually compassion.. for taxpayers.

I am not making this up. There’s video. And it’s bad. First, here’s what Mulvaney said when asked if Trump’s was a “hard-hearted budget”:

Trump budget director Mulvaney: I don’t think so. It’s probably one of the most compassionate things we can do to…

Reporter: To cut programs to help the elderly?

Mulvaney: You’re only focus on half of the equation, right? You’re focusing on recipients of the money. We’re trying to focus on both the recipients of the money and the folks who give us the money in the first place. And I think it’s fairly compassionate to go to them and say, look, we’re not gonna ask you for your hard-earned money anymore, single mom of two in Detroit, give us your money. We’re not gonna do that anymore, unless we can guarantee to you that that money’s actually being used in a proper function. That is about as compassionate as you can get.

So now Meals on Wheels is not a property run program? Really? And what matters in running Meals on Wheels isn’t feeding the elderly, and veterans, disabled and the poor. No, what matters if cutting taxes for people who can afford 3 meals a day.

Here’s the video.

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34 Responses to “Trump budget director: It’s “compassionate” to cut Meals on Wheels for elderly, vets”

  1. Irv T says:

    Following things to their logical conclusion, it would be “compassionate” to execute all people and save them from dying of old age or disease.

  2. Andy415 says:

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  3. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Bill will never learn.

  4. Badgerite says:

    Uh huh. “Reality check” is not an opinion article in the Atlantic that was, how shall we say, ridiculous. Obama wasn’t trying to “cut Medicare” or Social Security but he was trying to keep the GOP from doing something they were threatening to do and that was government shutdowns and even worse a default on the national debt. With this Not So Much “Freedom Caucus” that was a very real possibility. What Obama did do, when he had a Democratic Congress to work with was get through a healthcare bill that expanded Medicaid and that made Medicare, and US budgetary concerns in general, more stable by actually adopting better policing procedures for Medicare fraud that in Florida alone was in the billions of dollars. He made Medicare more financially stable and extended its solvency out about two decades from where it had been and never proposed cutting Social Security. When the GOP took control of Congress again he had to work with a party controlled by a minority of cranks that are now running the asylum thanks to dishonest idiots like yourself. These guys, obviously, are not looking to “cut Medicare and Social Security”. All they want to do is destroy it. But, you know, “Republicans in drag” and all.
    We are now treated to the ridiculous contention by them that the elderly, at least the poorer and middle income elderly, are the new “welfare Queens”. So….thanks for that.
    As to Gaius Publius, for all of his extraordinary background and skills, he has gotten so much wrong I can’t even. He has published at this and other sites about how critical the issue of global warming is and then turns around and publishes the most ill informed, stupid ass opinions about the ridiculous Clinton email server bullshit I have read anywhere short of HA Goodman.
    To slap some stupid made up label on people accomplishes nothing, except dividing people who would agree with you on 93-95% of these important and critical issues like global warming and like preserving and even expanding the social safety net and thereby allowing for the forces of the most regressive politics seen in generations in this country to take power.
    You left out the “Obummer” crowds contention that there was no difference between Obama and the GOP on immigration because under Obama deportation of immigrants who had gained entry to the US illegally had gone up. And that was true. But that was his job. He swore an oath to enforce the laws of the US and he did so Illegal immigration under Obama had fallen to a net zero due to beefed up enforcement of immigration laws. But what he did not do was actively seek to terrify and harass people out of the country. He also proposed legislation, that thanks to the GOP control of Congress was dead on arrival, of allowing for those long time residents who had come illegally to achieve citizenship. And he supporter the Dreamer legislation for those who had come in as children to become citizens.
    So, spare me the pathetic and obvious attempts on your troll self part to try separate and divide progressive political forces, center and left, in this country from forming a political opposition capable of turning these heartless wankers out of office. Much as you try to pretend otherwise, there is a very real difference between political parties in this country and you can see this especially in the lives of the people who are and will be affected by these laws. And it hasn’t even been two months yet. These *ssholes are just getting started.

  5. Moderator4 says:

    Time out. One week. Bye for now.

  6. Bill_Perdue says:

    That’s my opinion and I stand by it. If my opinions irritate the right so be it.

  7. Demosthenes says:

    Additional (humorous) comment: when I was a teenager, my father chastised me about using the “m—–a” word you don’t like. I asked him why. He responded, deadpan: “it’s because all men are m—-as”.

  8. Demosthenes says:

    The Mod is right. Perdue is a troll and we need to deprive him of oxygen.

  9. Demosthenes says:

    John knows the word. He’s a fellow Hellene.

  10. Moderator4 says:

    I looked that one up. Not nice, Demosthenes. Watch yourself.

  11. Moderator4 says:

    Bill, you are starting to skate on thin ice again. You should have learned by now, don’t annoy the moderators.

  12. Bill_Perdue says:

    I’m happy to be ignored by the right.

  13. Demosthenes says:

    Okay. I’ll take your advice. I still think he’s a Malaka.

  14. Moderator4 says:

    Demosthenes, you are a very intelligent man, so I would hope that you realize that you are merely encouraging Bill_Perdue in his comments.
    Ignore him, all of you ignore him. He is trying to stir the pot, and the more others react, the happier he is.
    Behavioral Analysis 101. Ignore a behavior, first of all. Any response is a reward for him.

  15. Moderator4 says:

    Badgerite, you and Demosthenes need to learn how to start ignoring Bill_Perdue. You are just feeding into him and encouraging him.
    I suggest deep cleansing breaths and yoga.

  16. Badgerite says:

    Crock Perdue. I like it.

  17. Demosthenes says:

    It’s pretty tedious stuff. It’s also a crock.

  18. Badgerite says:

    Ahhh. The “republicans in drag” line. That one neeeeeever get old.
    Except that it really does. Why don’t you try a new one. You are repeating yourself. Probably have these on file somewhere. And forgot that you have used this particular line all the time. No matter what the issue. That isn’t actual thought. That is just propaganda.
    Bumper sticker shit.

  19. Badgerite says:

    Who would?

  20. Badgerite says:

    Comparing this Bates Motel nightmare to a merely mortal human *sshole is an insult to fine, upstanding *ssholes everywhere. I’m just sayin’.

  21. Demosthenes says:

    You didn’t respond to my point at all Mr. False Equivalency.

  22. Bill_Perdue says:

    Obama and the Democrats, particularly the Clintons are Republicans in drag.

    Democrats and their Republican brothers and sisters remain the enemy of working people.

    “The truth of the matter is that my policies are so mainstream that if I had set the same policies that I had back in the 1980s, I would be considered a moderate Republican.” Obama, in an interview with Noticias Univision 23. ABC News, 12 15 2012

    Prison-loving president. In May, on the heels of the unrest in Baltimore sparked by Freddie Gray’s death in police custody, Clinton apologized for locking too many people up. The 2.4 million people in prison and the 160,000 Americans serving life in prison largely because of his policies might be excused for not accepting Clinton’s apology. Tag-teaming with ex-President Ronald Reagan, Clinton is the president most responsible for the mass incarceration of Americans on an epic scale.

    Punitive welfare reform. The consequences of Bill Clinton’s welfare reform bill have been devastating for millions of American families. The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 took a page directly from Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich

    Wall Street’s Deregulator-in-Chief. As president, Clinton outdid the GOP when it came to unleashing Wall Street’s worst instincts, by supporting and signing into law more financial deregulation legislation than any other president, according to the Columbia Journalism Review. … CJR concludes, “The bottom line is: Bill Clinton was responsible for more damaging financial deregulation—and thus, for the [2008] financial crisis—than any other president.”

    Gutted manufacturing via trade agreements. Bill Clinton helped gut America’s manufacturing base by promoting and passing the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, in 1993, when Democrats controlled Congress.

    No LGBT equality: Defense of Marriage Act. The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was one of conservatives’ biggest victories in the 1990s. Passed by Congress and signed into law by Clinton in 1996, the bill defined spouse as “heterosexual” and deprived legally wed same-sex couples of many significant benefits, from Social Security benefits to hospital visitation rights. It allowed states to refuse legal recognition of couples married in other states.

    Expanded the war on drugs. Although Clinton called for treatment instead of prison for drug offenders during his 1992 campaign, once in office he reverted to the same drug war strategies of his Republican predecessors.

    Expanded the death penalty.. When running for president in 1992, then-Arkansas Gov. Clinton allowed his state to execute Ricky Ray Rector, a convicted murderer with severe mental impairments.

    Doubled down on Iraq sanctions. Due to President George W. Bush’s disastrous war of choice in Iraq, people forget Bill Clinton’s Iraq humanitarian disaster: U.S. sanctions that decimated the Iraqi economy, crippled the civilian infrastructure, and according to a 1999 UNICEF survey, ultimately led to the deaths of more than 500,000 children. … House Democratic Whip David Bonior referred to it as “infanticide masquerading as policy.”

  23. Demosthenes says:

    Meanwhile, President Obama didn’t seek to nuke the social programs that Trump wants to kill, and tens of millions gained health insurance coverage thanks to the Democrats. Moreover, Hillary Clinton wouldn’t seek to strip 24-26 million of health care like the Donald. Your false equivalency routine is just plain silly.

  24. Demosthenes says:

    These villains have no soul and only care about helping the rich.

  25. Bill_Perdue says:

    We’ve seen it all before.

    Rightwingers like Trump, the Clintons and Obama always find a way to pander to the boss class. And in Trumps case he’s not just pandering, he’s lining his own pockets.

    “Reality Check: Obama Cuts Social Security and Medicare by Much More Than the GOP Obama plans to cut between $200 billion and $380 billion more from Social Security and Medicare than Republicans in the next ten years”

    “Obama: Social Security & Medicare cuts are “very much (back) on the table” – It’s Tuesday, and Barack Obama has betrayed us again. And by “us” I mean not just progressives (of whom he is not), but also Democrats, the party that sells itself as the party of Roosevelt, Johnson and Kennedy. Of that party he also is not, except nominally.

    Barack Obama is not a Democrat, he’s a “NeoDem,” in the same sense that Tony Blair isn’t Labour, he’s “New Labour.” New Labour means “not Labour” (memorize that) except for the deceptive candy coating. NeoDems are not Democrats; they’re servants of the wealthy. You know, just like Roosevelt, only … not.”

  26. doggiedaddy says:

    May they rot in hell just for suggesting cuts to this program.

  27. Reneeablack says:

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  28. rmthunter says:

    “. . . unless we can guarantee to you that that money’s actually being used in a proper function.”

    Like Melania’s security in New York, because she doesn’t want to live with Donald.

  29. Badgerite says:

    He has a really unique understanding of the word “compassion”. It’s like saying, I’m gonna run you over with my car now and I am doing this because it is the “compassionate” thing to do. If I were a single mom in Detroit I think I would be more concerned with seeing that healthcare is available to me and my child which the GOP has stated they really don’t care about. And now we know why. They have an entirely unique view of the concept of “compassion”.

  30. fry1laurie says:

    Since when has conservatism been anything but, “F— you, I got mine.”

  31. Craig Teller says:

    “It’s compassionate”? That’s the kind of double talk that outright fascists would try to peddle. What in the world is happening to the Republican Party?

    Trump is the president of party hacks from the electoral college. He’s legal, but not much of a president. And he does not speak for the majority of voters.

  32. Zorba says:

    Sociopaths. They’re all sociopaths, every damned one of them.

  33. This asshole has no idea what “compassion” means.

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