Trump: The Brits spied on me for Obama

Just when you thought things could get any worse, the Trump White House today accused the British government of spying on Donald Trump for Barack Obama during the campaign.

This new unfounded allegation from Trump spokesman Sean Spicer quoted Fox News claiming that British intelligence spied on Donald Trump for Obama.

So, of course, just like the first claim that Obama spied on him, Trump is relying on far-right media.

It’s time for Trump to apologize to President Obama

First, here’s Spicer repeating Fox News’ latest unsubstantiated conspiracy theory:

Now check out this quote from the Fox story:

Sources have told me that the British foreign surveillance service, the Government Communications Headquarters, known as GCHQ, most likely provided Obama with transcripts of Trump’s calls. The NSA has given GCHQ full 24/7 access to its computers, so GCHQ — a foreign intelligence agency that, like the NSA, operates outside our constitutional norms — has the digital versions of all electronic communications made in America in 2016, including Trump’s. So by bypassing all American intelligence services, Obama would have had access to what he wanted with no Obama administration fingerprints.

Thus, when senior American intelligence officials denied that their agencies knew about this, they were probably being truthful. Adding to this ominous scenario is the fact that three days after Trump’s inauguration, the head of GCHQ, Robert Hannigan, abruptly resigned, stating that he wished to spend more time with his family.

It goes on:

I hope the investigations of Trump’s allegation discover and reveal the truth — whatever it is. But the lesson here is terribly serious.

We face the gravest threat to personal liberty since the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 proscribed criticism of the government.

We have an unelected, unnamed, unaccountable elite group in the intelligence community manipulating the president at will and possessing intimate, detailed knowledge about all of us that it can reveal.

Oh please.

It’s no coincidence that the White House is now accusing America’s top ally of spying on Trump on the very day that House and Senate Intel Committee heads have come out and debunked Trump’s “Obama spied on me” fantasy.

One final point. A lot of this sure sounds like details from the MI6 guy’s dossier that Trump called “fake news. Now, that dossier did not say that Obama had the Brits spy on him. It did say that foreign intelligence services had picked up chatter between Trump associates and Russian intelligence officers, or those aligned with Russian intelligence. I’m increasingly wondering if Trump’s claims aren’t mirroring the claims in the dossier. Whether simply because Trump is nuts, or because the dossier is based on more truth than Trump is willing to let on.

Either way, this has all really gone too far. It’s time for Trump to stop with the paranoia, and apologize to President Obama.

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