Ted Koppel tells Hannity he’s “bad for America”

In a video that’s going viral today, former ABC newsman Ted Koppel tells Fox News’ Sean Hannity that he’s “bad for America.”

Koppel is revered in journalistic circles. Very professional, serious, staid, calm, careful, precise. Slow and steady and tenacious. And Hannity was having a really tough time keeping his mouth shut and letting Koppel speak.

Koppel tells Hannity “you have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than fact.” And Koppel is right.

Hannity later tweeted that everyone was taking the segment out of context. The segment is below, it speaks for itself.


Ted Koppel.

I appeared with Hannity once, on the Paula Zahn show. It was a train wreck. Hannity can’t stop talking. Just like he tried to do with Koppel, as soon as the conversation contradicts anything Hannity believes, he’ll just bully over you and shut you down. He simply wouldn’t let me respond to anything. Even Zahn couldn’t get Hannity to stop — she had to literally scold that man that it was her show and hot his.

It’s something a lot of conservative pundits do — verbal bulldozering — one almost wonders if they’re taught the technique. You have to be very tenacious to get your turn. But Ted Koppel did.

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