Obamacare repeal is dead! Resistance is not futile.

Huge news — Obamacare repeal is DEAD!

The US House just killed the Obamacare repeal bill, called “Repeal and Replace” by the Republicans. The Republicans couldn’t get the vote, so they pulled the bill! (That doesn’t mean they won’t try again in the future, but this is a huge defeat for Trump and the GOP.)

It’s been a tumultuous last few days, but in the end, Donald Trump and Paul Ryan simply couldn’t find the votes needed to gut President Obama’s signature health care program.

I had emailed a number of you in key states last night to make calls to your members of Congress, so thank you to those who did. And thank you as well to all of you who showed up at the various congressional townhall meetings around the country these past few months. Those meetings unnerved the members of Congress — they really don’t like people standing up to them, in anger no less. And you did, and it worked.

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Which goes to show an important lesson in politics. Resistance is not futile. Even when you think you’re dead in the water, and will never recover — like after the November election — things can turn around before you even know it. Resistance works. Fighting back works. Standing up works.

President Obama signs the Affordable Care Act, via Wikimedia Commons

None of this is to suggest that we’ve won the war — we’ve only won the battle. We still have Donald Trump in office. We still have conservative Republicans running the Congress. But you win the war by winning the battles. And this was a huge battle — a battle that was necessary for Trump to give huge tax cuts to the rich — and Donald Trump and the conservative GOP House lost.

And that makes today a good day.

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Thanks as always, and have a wonderful weekend. You’ve earned it. JOHN

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