Mike Pence caught lying about Russia, again

Mike Pence is either the most out-of-the-loop vice president in American history, or he’s one hell of a liar. But Pence again today was proven to have misstated the Trump administration’s contacts with Russia.

On January 15, 2017, Flynn told Fox News that the Trump campaign had no contacts with the Russians. We now know, again, that Flynn was woefully wrong.

We already knew that Mike Flynn spoke repeatedly with the Russian ambassador. Today we learned that Jared Kushner also met with the Russian ambassador in December, at a meeting also attended by Flynn.

And we learned from USA Today that Trump campaign aides Carter Page and J.D. Gordon met with the Russian ambassador during the GOP convention. “Several more”  Trump campaign aides were reportedly also in attendance.

USA Today notes that at least 20 times Team Trump denied their campaign having any conversations with the Russians. Now, we’re finding out about more meetings by the minute.

Here’s Pence’s staunch denial of these meetings:

At this point, who knows what to believe. All we know is that the Trump campaign and White House have engaged in a conspiracy to hide the fact that they had ongoing contacts with Russian officials in the US, and possibly abroad (if US and foreign intelligence agencies are to be believed). Why go to such lengths to hide these contacts if nothing untoward was discussed or done?

Add your name to those demanding an independent counsel.

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